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My guild downed Mythic Zek last night (woo!).

The next boss we should hit up I believe is Vectis. With increased gear/DPS at this point does that still hold true? Is Vectis the auto-next boss that we should do or would some argue Fetid?
Congrats :)

I'd say still go Vectis
As long as you have good healers then Vectis would be the next boss to progress on. The only DPS check is to kill the adds before they get to cast a 2nd immunosuppression. However, your healers will need to work together and rotate their CD's appropriately in order to succeed on this boss. My guild probably spent about 6 hours on M Vectis before we downed it. Actually now that I think about it, we spent significantly less time on Vectis than we did on Zek'Voz. Fetid is definitely more difficult and there is more RNG due to the add spawn locations which can throw everything off.
Sweet, Vectis it is. Thanks guys.
IMO Vectis is actually easier than Zek'voz. The mechanics are easier to deal with, the damage requirement is pretty easy to meet, and it's easier to get repeated good pulls. It ultimately boils down to can your healers all do 25k hps? If yes, then it shouldn't take very long to get a kill.

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