Wow this Timewalking thing really shows something..

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already got through all my runs for the weekly.

got kicked when tank pulled the entire room in Magister's Terrace on boss Selin Fireheart because I couldn't heal boss and ~10+ mobs as heals... -_-

but other than that the trash is pretty horrendous.. regularly cycled through defensives and had little to no issues.

They feel like mythic+4's on fortified however.

hilarious when tanks pull thinking their ilvl can carry them.. nah bro, everything is an even playing field. Act accordingly.

(I tanked most of the runs - sign up for that bonus when I can. Slowly but surely farming for a second mount)
well trash packs have a lot of casters in some places. was the only melee in the one i did earlier and pulls were just all mages casting into the healer with counter spell and mana burn and the tank was eating some nasty immolates.

nothing he could do really. i don't think expecting people to set up CC is realistic

Why shouldn't it be realistic to use your classes abilities? If the game was just designed around doing damage to something no classes would have utility like CC and interrupts.
You have 3 ways to deal with high amounts of damage in the game. You can mitigate it, heal it, or prevent it.
If your group is taking too much damage, the healer is already healing as much as he can, and tank is using his defensives to mitigate as much damage as he can, the next option available to you is to stop the damage.
How do we do that? We apply soft and hard CC, we interrupt the casts, or we focus fire a target to take it out quickly.

It's an absolute cop-out to say that you shouldn't play your class to it's potential. Also if people are having trouble with casters not grouping then they need to try and LoS, I know it isn't possible in every circumstance, but even if you have to back track slightly after pulling it's reasonable to expect in most situations you can find somewhere to LoS.

Also just to clarify, I mean this statement generally and it is in no way implying that you yourself are culpable of any of the above actions.
Yep. You know things have changed when people don't understand what an los pull is. SH was a pain in the !@# but got through it. Praying I don't get arcatraz.

Edit: I do remember why I made this character though, after spending TBC as a rogue being told lol no you'll get cleaved to death in heroics it was time to switch to tanking
I'm sorry i'm just sitting here laughing at the comments. But this statement is correct.

11/13/2018 04:34 PMPosted by Rotraz
That's because back in BC you didn't fight a full group of trash at once with the LOL AOE tactics of today. You CC'd half of it because they hit so hard. The remaining mobs were single targeted down because killing 1 of the 3 mobs hitting the tank cuts the damage they take by 1/3. Burning the first mob to lower tank damage while leaving 2+ cc'd was incredibly important and took a lot of pressure of the healer.

DID we all forget to CC stuff Traping, Sheeping, Fearing................... You know things we HAD to do before they changed things. These things DO work still in TBC dungeons.
Most people don't know anything. Don't assume that they do. Once you embrace that type of thinking, you can move onto the next.

Educating yourself and then becoming a leader.

In Aratraz entrance, do not skip the blood elf packs in the beginning. Kill them all.

Once you do, the flesh beasts stop spawning. It makes that initial portion of the dungeon much less hectic.

Same thing with Black Morass. Most groups don't use the Chrono-Beacons. Coordinate with the group to use them on the trash packs preceding the bosses. It takes the burden off the tank and healer and makes everything much easier in general.

In any case, don't blame others if you're not willing to step up.
11/13/2018 04:16 PMPosted by Seeley
11/13/2018 04:12 PMPosted by Calska
I'm going to have to go and do some Timealking to see what all of this fuss is about.

Most definitely, jumping on my DH rn to see what's going on.

The trash is hitting hard, I got the Shattered Halls. My god, I died 5 times also didn't help that a hunter kept pulling for me.
Sounds like I need to log in. I'll show you what real tanking is. Bet, I'll be top dps and top heals and never lose aggro.

Mannoroth's bloodletting manacles, Prydaz, 30+ gems with THEE best gems in game pre BFA. And NO, I am NOT talking about the JC cut ones.
I will be queue'd all week tank
TW simply isn't worth the time needed to complete them. Sure you can make them much easier by CCing and focus firing but that doesn't make them fast. They take far longer than a heroic dungeon in current content even with a group that only has Ilvl appropriate gear.

Just not worth the time
I time walked into the future 6 years....and today was BfA time walking. I was level 140 and it was such a slog that I came back to do time walking today. Which is BC timewalking.
But. Timewalking dungeons are hard then current dungeons. I saw this in MoP timewalking. You get scaled in a bad way.. I'm going keep skiping over timewalking until the scale is better. I don't want to deal with it.
oh god i can imagine how much fun SLabs is gonna be....
TBC TW scaling is really off.
Tanks we're getting 2 shot by mobs while bosses didn't even touch their health.
11/13/2018 05:09 PMPosted by Áysha
TBC TW scaling is really off.
Tanks we're getting 2 shot by mobs while bosses didn't even touch their health.

This is exactly what I was seeing. The bosses were all a total joke.
11/13/2018 04:22 PMPosted by Hirai
11/13/2018 04:20 PMPosted by Softbottom
Im glad I don't do timewalking lol.

Well, it's the best way to get a decent weapon for a fresh 120 character, unless you want to spend 3 weeks+ grinding out WQs. Unless you get extremely lucky with an Emissary reward or something once you get an I-level high enough that it'd spit out a 320.

Or get carried into a raid or something but even then, Personal Loot on everything.

Mate, you are doing it wrong. Run m0s, if you don't get a weapon from any runs, your ilvl will be high enough to have more then a 320 weapon on the board. Also alliance warfront is a thing, why arent you spamming those, they fill slots every run except rings and trinks. At this very moment, it's stupid easy to take a fresh alt to 350 if your unlucky and 360+ if you're lucky. TW is the worst way to gear a character, its one of the reasons you're getting bads.
11/13/2018 04:05 PMPosted by Hirai
So this month's Timewalking is TBC, and wow...

We can see just how bad the average players have gotten. Your level and i-level are scaled down to fit the content, so there's no question of being undergeared (unless you are wearing something 51+ levels out of date), so how is it that I'm seeing this ridiculous amount of fail in some of these dungeons?

The first one I got into was Arcatraz.. yeah granted some of the enemies in there are seriously annoying and people get aggro while trying to skip fighting enemies... blah that was a fail.

Then I get a Black Morass that went OK.

Then a Second Black Morass and holy crap. Healers can't keep tanks alive, people insist on keeping bosses engaged so nobody can get back up, we *barely* won that dungeon with Medivh at some 50% shield left and 2 portals open while we just burned Aeonus down, just in time.

Black Morass is not hard. But somehow, a tank and healer failed to keep people alive during some of the trash waves, and I'm just going "... what the heck is going on here?"

Really wish Blizz hadn't put the weapons in TBC to be honest... I was originally thinking about getting 1-2 more characters up and buying them TBC Timewalking weapons because they are 320 when bought right off the vendor (which is way better than trying to find one through WQs), but oi.

Apparently plenty of other people hate TBC too because the queues are twice as long as Pandaria's TW was.

EDIT: Not trying to be elitist or anything, but c'mon, healers letting tanks drop dead on single trash pulls?

You are completely assuming that time walking is 100% balanced for this to be the case. and the last couple TWing events proved it wasn't even looked at before BFA went live. A level 111 tank gets hit 4 times harder than a level 120 in TWing and a level 112 healer can't get a heal off on a 120 player thats more than 10% of their HP because the player to player scaling interactions are FUBAR....the scaling is so far off its not even funny.
Welcome to BC dungeons where men were men and mobs hit like freight trains.

Good DPS know how to facilitate a fast run by using CC on mobs (just a stun, or an interrupt is all it takes). Interrupt heals, stun the mob that mortal strikes the tank, that sort of thing.

In this day and age there’s no excuse for tanks and healers not to use their CDs liberally and proactively. They come back so fast you can use some of them 2-3 times between bosses.

Get good basically. Sleepwalking through dungeons has been the worst thing that happened to WoW. Old people get complacent and noobs never learn.
TW should be a fun romp down memory lane. Not a complete reminder of what it was ACTUALLY LIKE. I did that already. The current system is stupid.

Ok so it doesn't have to be so TOTALLY faceroll as it was, but it doesn't have to be as hard as it currently is, either. But if you're going to adjust that slider, it needs to be MUCH MUCH closer to the "faceroll" side. Like I said, it's old news. If you want a challenge, run a M+.
Oh look, a dps that doesn't understand how healing works and instead of thinking what could be happening, goes for the default "lol, everyone's bad but me!"

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