Wow this Timewalking thing really shows something..

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11/13/2018 10:14 PMPosted by Haavi
11/13/2018 08:41 PMPosted by Hirai

Last I checked, a group is 5 people.

The tank, healer, or both failed.

Last I checked, 5-2=3.

So 3-4 people were doing fine. Sadly, one of the ones who were failing happened to be the tank or healer and that wipes the whole group.

If the dps weren't minimizing the damage by using CC then you can't place all the blame on the healer and/or the tank.

Abstract idea from most but everyone in the group is responsible for the success of the dungeon. That includes tank survivability.

11/13/2018 09:32 PMPosted by Hirai

Ah yes, "that guy" who thinks m0 is "easy" with quested greens, when Heroics require a bit higher than that.

Heck, *Warfronts* require 320. And you think people who just dinged 120 and are still in 280 quested gear should jump straight into Mythic? lol.

Ok dude whatever.

I tanked Atal'Dazar on my DH at 289, granted my friend was healing who was reasonably overgeared for the content lol.
Mythic content is appropriate for about 305 ilvl when done correctly. Internally it was actually balanced around having 295 ilvl and providing a challenge (as mythic is supposed to)

No man, it simply can't be done. Don't you understand, people had to progress up through lower level dungeons first, no one skipped straight to mythic.

I'm not even one to call out bads like this, but this guy is simply bad. Plenty of us do it everyday, it wasn't hard at the start, it definitely is not now.
It’s like people forget blizzard just did a massive ilevel (first time ever) and stat squish (second time) and that we had bugs last month with Timewalking.

Arcatraz has always been a dumpster fire.
The last BC timewalk wasn't bad. I tanked them. Unless something has changed in the dungeons or with gear scaling, not sure why there are issues. Yeah, in Manatombs you can't pull a whole room, but if you do them 'the right way' it should be a cake walk. My 'weekend' starts Wednesday so have not tried a timewalking yet for this event.

11/13/2018 08:49 PMPosted by Oakttg
Legion legendaries work, use those and its alot easier.

Glad I read that. I miss my legion legendaries. I'll have to grab em for tomorrow.
i heard black morass is overtuned for some reason, its not an IQ issue
I just ran Black Morass and we did it in one hit, smooth as silk. Zero problems. Slave Pens before that and same resuit: quick and easy as hell.

We did it fine.

Its almost as if....different servers have different experiences.
11/13/2018 09:06 PMPosted by Fearnun
Tuure was OP on the first few Legion TW events and i could 4 shot bosses with a proc of my artifact. We now see the opposite end of the spectrum in balance. Anybody who thinks these BC dungeons are balanced properly needs to look at the patch notes in the coming days that nerf this stuff.

The big problem I have with the "wait for the nerf" is that it's going to be five more frickin' months before we can try again.
11/13/2018 10:50 PMPosted by Sacarver
i heard black morass is overtuned for some reason, its not an IQ issue

from a blizzard developer in charge of tuning?
11/13/2018 10:54 PMPosted by Robokappa
11/13/2018 10:50 PMPosted by Sacarver
i heard black morass is overtuned for some reason, its not an IQ issue

from a blizzard developer in charge of tuning?

nah just a few people are bringing it up
i heard black morass is overtuned for some reason, its not an IQ issue

Not that I can see.
There are issues with tuning and balance. These dungeons were designed when we had more utility and CC didn't pull everything around it. There's also issues with some azerite traits. The laser one on my DK kept pulling the whole room every time it went off. I had to literally stand in the corner on some rooms and wait until we were down to 1-2 packs just to keep from pulling everything. Things are just messy right now.
Shattered Halls trash are hitting like trucks. It was constant spam heals on the tank just to keep him up. The bosses were easy as cake.

Wiped on 2nd Boss of Black Morass and the group kicked me.

Got Black Morass again and was able to keep everyone up but it was not easy.

Magister's Terrace tank over pulled and we wiped once but really not a problem other wise. Also lots of trash mobs that like to give you a 6 second silence. Poor Kael, I always feel a little bad killing him.

Mana-Tombs I got put into a group where the healer had enough and quit. I was there for last boss only. Tank pulled boss without clearing room first and everything came and we wiped. Cam back cleared room and no problems.

The Arcatraz again trash are hitting like trucks. Had to tell tank to keep kiting those mobs that get that buff that keeps healing them. Mobs that like to charm the healer (thanks Blizz) and the trash that has Meteor that one shots players and gives no warning. The bosses were easy though.

My reward was a trinket. I don't need a trinket. I usually do Timewalking because it is nostalgic and fun. This was not fun...this was stressful.
Try black temple timewalking and youd be happy w ur dungeons (':
in BC the trash was a way harder then boss. basicaly most 5man where impossible without at very least 1 crowd control class if you did not had a prot pally. And personaly I would search for at very least 2 crowd controling class when I was building groups.

huntard + Mage were just to good.
The chosen maps for TBC I don't like the most. It's like the developers picked the least favorite and gave a smug look when sending it to players.
11/13/2018 04:05 PMPosted by Hirai
So this month's Timewalking is TBC, and wow...

We can see just how bad the average players have gotten. Your level and i-level are scaled down to fit the content, so there's no question of being undergeared (unless you are wearing something 51+ levels out of date), so how is it that I'm seeing this ridiculous amount of fail in some of these dungeons?

The first one I got into was Arcatraz.. yeah granted some of the enemies in there are seriously annoying and people get aggro while trying to skip fighting enemies... blah that was a fail.

Then I get a Black Morass that went OK.

Then a Second Black Morass and holy crap. Healers can't keep tanks alive, people insist on keeping bosses engaged so nobody can get back up, we *barely* won that dungeon with Medivh at some 50% shield left and 2 portals open while we just burned Aeonus down, just in time.

Black Morass is not hard. But somehow, a tank and healer failed to keep people alive during some of the trash waves, and I'm just going "... what the heck is going on here?"

Really wish Blizz hadn't put the weapons in TBC to be honest... I was originally thinking about getting 1-2 more characters up and buying them TBC Timewalking weapons because they are 320 when bought right off the vendor (which is way better than trying to find one through WQs), but oi.

Apparently plenty of other people hate TBC too because the queues are twice as long as Pandaria's TW was.

EDIT: Not trying to be elitist or anything, but c'mon, healers letting tanks drop dead on single trash pulls?

LoL Arctraz and Black Morass? Those gave you trouble?

Wait for someone to try out Shadow Labyrinth. Heads are going to explode.
11/13/2018 04:38 PMPosted by Wranxine
something is wrong with the balance of the dungeons, i made a full premade, we are all old players, good enough to do AOTC without buying any rush, we are not newbies,and simple we are doing ok then out of no where, a trash mob kills the tank in 3 hits..... the tank is not newbie, arcatraz we simply gave up before the second boss.... simply not worth it taking forever to do that ..... in legion we did all the timewalking events just fine, now we became the dumbest players alive? all in discord, pulling slow and still.....
I can't cast heals as fast as the tank dies sometimes, i have to use spirit link totem, but what after that we need to wait 10 minutes after each trash pull so we can lust.

Yeah we had the same thing happen... one of the demons before the second boss in Arcatraz was killing the tank in about 2 hits. Other mobs in various TW dungeons were 'off' as well. Like Rokmar's grievous wound ability killing the tank from full life in 2s (two tics). Some bosses feel like they barely hit for any damage where others hit for obscene amounts. Often the trash packs feel worse than half of the bosses. These dungeons were nowhere near this ugly last time around for TW dungeons.
Lol. People ask me if I'm gonna play classic. It's just not for me. I loved this game when I first started playing during BC but I have no desire to go back. It's like a crazy ex girlfriend. I have fond memories but I'm glad it's over.
I've been doing the timewalk events every time they come up since they were first released. The last two weekly events (BC and Cata) have been significantly harder to tank - even with my designated timewalk gear.

Up until this expansion, I use to be able to pull a whole room of trash - ahead of the group - and clear most of it before the party caught up to me. Now if I were to try thiat, it would almost certainly cause a wipe. This is even with my same timewalk set I've had for almost all of legion.
I actually had to tank and not bum rush it bwahahaha
I've been having zero problems tanking it, and my healers only occasionally seemed strained in full-on tankbuster fights like Rokmar. Exactly one wipe in all 5 runs, which was 100% my fault because I whiffed a pull. Only one run even used CC to basically any degree, and that hunter was being nice -- it probably wasn't necessary, but appreciated. Main thing is just having to pull carefully instead of trying to rush. Packs are close together and there's a lot of stuff like instant fear etc that can screw you over if people get too gung ho.

Magister's even seems to be easier than the others -- it looks like they adjusted the ilvl to compensate for late xpac epics, but may have overshot it entirely.

We pretty much had no trouble with bosses. I called out what they did ahead of time so people knew what to expect.

I've heard mention that Arcatraz mechs are a bit funky, and haven't gotten that one yet to confirm or deny. The mechs in Magister's felt a bit off though, bolting random people for like 70% of their health.

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