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Fallout 76 is not for me.

It's just not what i want out of a fallout game.
I don't think I have any plans to play it unless all my friends do but I'm always a little confused by people who say it isn't a "true" Fallout game. Like yeah, they said it wasn't going to be the next RPG story installment, it was just a thing they wanted to do and try and thought it'd be fun for some folks.

IDK, it's like saying Hearthstone isn't what you wanted for Warcraft 4, or The Elder Scrolls Legends isn't what they expected for Elder Scrolls 6. Of course it isn't. It wasn't meant to be.

Basically I'm with Zunde, it isn't how I want to play Fallout but I don't understand the rabble rabble.
Level requirements would bother me more of this were actually a single player game, but at that point I'd just console command myself up to the appropriate level.

Well, so long as I had beat the game once.

In fact, I think what I will miss most about this game is console commands. Part of the fallout (and Skyrim) experience is being the console commander!
The "Rabble Rabble" is that the game is objectively bad. It has good points and I'm glad there are people enjoying them, but the bad doesn't outweigh the good for a lot of people.

They took out the story, the part of the game that a general majority of people play Bethesda Games for, and replaced it with a lazily done multiplayer element. It has promise, but as it is now, for a full-priced release, it's overpriced.

There are no private servers at launch. There is no modding. There's no -text chat-. Multiplayer is mandatory.

That's not including the bugs I've mentioned before, because I don't know if they bothered to fix them or not. (Btw, the speed-hack isn't a speed-hack. It's an intentional part of the engine that was in Fallout 4 to help smooth out gameplay for framerate issues. They barely even changed the engine. Higher FPS = Running Faster)

It's half a game trying to wear big-boy pants with a belt. And no, I don't care if the game is 'going to get this stuff in the future'. You're paying 60 dollars for the -promise- that they'll eventually get this stuff out. There have been games that published with enough content to justify the price that promised DLC that never came. Never trust that the developers will fulfill a 'promise'. It's great when it works out, but it just means that they can release an unfinished product and slowly make it not terrible. That's objectively risky and promoting it only means that more developers are going to do it. That's -bad for consumers-.

And to those who say it isn't finished, there was a fifty gigabyte day one patch, for a 40 some gigabyte game. Bethesda themselves acknowledged that 'this was only the starting point'.

This had so much potential. I'm not opposed to it being multiplayer - it could've been great! ...Except it's not - it's a shell of a game that expects you to make a majority of the fun yourself with minimal effort and pay full-price with the promise that, some day, you'll get the stuff you'd expect it to have at launch.
From all I have heard and read this is something I would like to pick up -eventually-.

I love the Fallout world and would love the the chance to explore it co-op with my wife but right now the game is not in a place that would prompt me to spend the money for two copies.

When it gets private servers and mods we may give it a go, but not right now.
People said Fallout 4 was a soulless experience, despite the active modding community.

So, Bethesda made Fallout 76.

*Thinking emoji.*
11/14/2018 12:28 PMPosted by Enrik
People said Fallout 4 was a soulless experience, despite the active modding community.

So, Bethesda made Fallout 76.

*Thinking emoji.*

Fallout 4's mod community's alright, but a huge chunk of the overall community didn't come with it- namely the Quest Modders, which were my favorite parts of Skyrim and New Vegas. I loved the amateur voice acting, the hokey stories... it was rarely up to par with the actual game, but it was something new to come back to after fully conquering Skyrim and the Mojave.

That voiced protagonist seemed to really turn them off from trying to make more stories.
Meh I'm getting it because its set in my home state and a few friends are going to be playing it.

There had better be references to Tudor's Biscuit World is all I'm saying.
11/14/2018 04:07 PMPosted by Cadlington
That voiced protagonist seemed to really turn them off from trying to make more

As someone who has a few Fallout 4 quest mods it's easy to see why. The Voice Protagonist really comes across as stilted as they have to try to get four voice clips that work well in context of the scene. There's some great work out there, but there's always the sense that the Sole Survivor isn't talking to *them* (ie the NPCs of the modded adventures).

That being said, I really do recommend the Tales from the Commonwealth mod. Some fun experiences are had there - including a better concept on what joining a Raider faction would be like. Though the Diner quest in Lexington remains daft, considering Lexington's status as a Feral infested Raider Hellhole.
So, unfortunately I didn't get to play tonight as long as I would have liked, but we still managed to make a small amount of headway.

For whatever reason, Bops' computer wasn't running the game well. I eventually found out that the game was using her laptop's onboard graphics rather than the graphics card, which was weird, but I'm glad I solved the problem. If anyone else is having a similar issue, maybe now you have a lead.

We also ran into a few bugs, though the biggest one being with a particular computer terminal that didn't work properly and so we had to exit the game and re enter. I didn't crash to the desktop or disconnect from the server once, which is a good sign. No other players shot at me. During the character creation screen, before I could turn off the voice chat, I heard someone say "Sex? don't mind if I do."

Everything feels fine so far but it's too early to tell. I want to get out there and explore but it feels like the game is still explaining some of the basic functions (I just did a quest where I learn how to cook and boil water.)

So, we'll see.

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