10+ Mythics LFG :(

I find it incredibly difficult to find groups as WW as most 10+ groups are looking for ranged which I get that, but what do we really offer over other melee classes?

If anyone has any tips to get into mythic groups besides the obvious "increase your IO" that would also help me out a bit.
Other than increasing your IO, the only other solutions are to play a more desirable class (Demon Hunter or rogue) that offers more utility. People don't go seeking WW's because DH's and Rogues are better in every regard. All we offer in terms of utility is basically 1 aoe stun and the extreme corner cases where ring of peace is useful.

Do what I'm doing, and make friends with people that have high keys and are willing to run them with you. When you do keys and you see skilled players, add them to your friends list.
Honestly who cares about 10. +9 is so easy to get into.
It's pretty easy to get a group as Brewmaster or Mistweaver.
Honestly I think WW is one of those specs that are actually pretty good in M+ but suffer from being melee and competing with Rogue and DH, it's not as strong as it was in Legion but it's not bad either. My first +15 in time was actually with a WW monk in the group, he did really well (actually I think it's my only timed 15 so far).

Ofc if community perception deems your spec undesirable it makes things much harder.

In terms of Utility you have AOE stun, Ring of Peace (which is actually really good, don't underestimate it), Mystic Touch, Paralysis, Detox (as a Priest I can't dispel poison so this one comes really useful for me), and some less important but still useful sometimes spells in Tiger's Lust and Regular rez, which ofc is not nearly as good as battle rez but it does come handy sometimes, at least as a healer is nice to have a dps do it so you can drink and be full mana for the next pull or sometiemes you have a group where only the healer can rez if the healer dies and you skipped something in the dungeon you are screwed.
Just go MW.
And after the MDI, even unholy DKs are better than WW lol...
I'm having a bit of trouble getting into them as well. It was actually much easier getting into 7's and lower, than it's been trying to get in to 10's, even though I've been steadily increasing my IO score. (It's a little over 800 right now...)

But yes, I don't think there's anything I'm offering that another class can't do better. And while I like to think my DPS is pretty good, it's never as good as an equally skilled DH or Rogue.

Very strongly considering going back to my rogue.

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