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Demon Hunter
Hi all, just wondering what you guys think is strong for PvP traits. I’ve seen the suggestion of Battlefield Focus/Precision or Revolving Blades. I can’t figure which one feels better myself, but my thinking is when I’m playing with my warrior teammate the bonus cleave damage would work to our benefit, but the merits of Focus with Bladestorm and Eye Beam to very quickly consume the stacks seems like it would be a good deal extra burst on a kill target.
If you have Furious Gaze + Eyes of rage+ Burning Soul available I would recommend those, those combined with the Demonic Appetite talent are a huge damage increase, with this build you use consume magic whenever you can so you get the soul fragments, overall you generate much more fury and do alot more damage with shorter cooldown eye beam, usually reduced by 5-8 seconds depending on luck with soul fragment drops

With demonic appetite + burning soul you are generating 50 fury every 10 seconds (150 every 30 seconds if you use consume magic efficiently) vs using Blind Fury where you are generating 100 Fury every 30 seconds and risk getting interrupted on the longer eye beam cast. Not to mention Demonic Appetite + Burning soul is a crazy amount of self healing as well.
I used revolving blades x2 and archive to get 1800. The extra cleave and damage from revolving was nice.

Also Blind Fury is terrific extra damage especially if you get 2+ in a stun it’s a heck of a lot of spread pressure if followed up by a beefy death sweep.

DH is going to do a lot of damage regardless of traits due to our kit, so you just do what feels right for you.

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