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Post your post count!

Since the last two weeks or something will be kept in perpetuity, but our post counts are going to be lost, post your post count here so it, too, can live in perpetuity.

Perpetuity is the cool zip code.

My Post Count is 2623.

I'm ashamed.
11/14/2018 06:15 PMPosted by Imnotsnowfox

I'm ashamed.

You should be and yes you are.
1674 since 2012, as of this post. I mostly post when I'm angry at Blizzard or intoxicated.
11/14/2018 06:17 PMPosted by Prizn

I saw what you did :p
Mine is 2617 counting this one.
Here I was all excited about hitting the big K.
11/14/2018 06:17 PMPosted by Snowfox
11/14/2018 06:17 PMPosted by Prizn

I saw what you did :p

Hehe. <|:DD
11/12/2018 07:05 PMPosted by Ack
I capped the unsigned int limit of 4,294,967,295 and broke these old forums.
I'm just a fledgling poster :p 1708 including this one. So I shall make it my last one. See you on the other side Azerothians (no idea if this is even remotely close to what we'd call ourselves but it was the 1st thing that popped into my head).

My post count is OVER 9000! (9014)
This post should make a total of... 11,500.
Sesame Street Count, or Dracula Count?

-- Signed "Confused in Wisconsin"
I'm a duke, you inobservant peasant, not a count.
Too many numbers to type. And it changes all the time! It's like I can't shut up my fingers.

We want a wipe over so we can get into a race with Snowy from the starting line!

Okay, not. Nobody can post as much as Snowfox (except Adelphie(?) who wrote like 349636762873856987 one-liners and one word posts. Snowy's are more thoughtful or thought provoking or just poking.

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