Can you get pets from an IE if you don't win?

Pet Battles
All the examples I've seen of getting pets are from victories. Is it possible to get them if the other side wins?
I got a Giggling Flame & a pair of clothy bracers. If i was wearing socks at the moment they would've been knocked off :P It really surprised me because I didn't think it was possible. for my post.
Zunde told me at one point he got 2 pets at once when he lost an island expedition.

So I would assume yes.
Yes. I have received loot from a lost match. The only reward to IE's is the Azerite passed out after the match is through. Anything else is just happenstance, as if you looted a mob you killed while completing a quest. The loot is not part of the reward, as can be seen when a quest fails or is abandoned. Items looted are generally not tied to the successful close of a quest.... and Blizz just saves us the trouble of having to loot during these fast paced IEs.... or, maybe loot is divided equally amongst the group, thus sparing us envy or hard feelings... like a big brother, knowing whats best.... or maybe none of this matters at all...
I know how it feels, it feels like whoever is in charge of the loot table is cherry-picking, leaving us with the trash.... and i know i lost a match and got loot, and IT FELT LIKE A WIN. Today, 12+ runs. All wins. looted 22 dubloons, dented coin, notched coin, rusted Alliance insignia, slippers, gauntlets, and a pirate hat, died three times, spent 200 gold repairs and 4+ hours game time.
See? I got loot, but i lost.

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