WoW will not start

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Hello, I recently re-subbed and downloaded wow from a clean install. But it will not start. It says in the battle net app "game is running" and then it either won't run, or will run, but be extremely choppy then crash.

I have tried to troubleshoot this issue myself, but nothing seems to work.

I have deleted Avast, I have updated my graphics drivers, tried opening wow on a fresh Administrator account, deleted and re-downloaded the battle net app, and tried running the scan and repair tool, but it has been over 12-hours and it isn't even half way done scanning.

If anyone has any assistance that would be wonderful, because I just want to begin playing again.

Thank you.
MsInfo here:
Dxlogs here:
Make sure Windows has downloaded all the available updates and they are installed. Are you trying via wifi? if so try through a wired connection first.

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