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I just noticed tonight that there is a 5 million gold mount that has auctioneer on it. cool, but i can't even get to the three or four million or whatever it is for the giant spider mount.. hell, i'm not even sure what to save for anymore which is why I have not bought the 30k yak mount yet... I play the game casually and the best i can, I saved 1.2 million gold since 2009.... flex... Look, by the time I would ever get enough gold to buy my dream mounts, I'll be long dead... lung cancer works faster than saving gold in Warcraft... why do they do this?
The economic bois of WoW can make 5 mil in one day. It has an AUCTION HOUSE on it! 5 mil for a portable ah doesnt seem crazy to me..now the spider I can sympathize.
Craft stuff players need for warfronts and sell it overpriced at AH. In a bit you'll have enough.
10/11/2018 10:26 PMPosted by Soraae
I saved 1.2 million gold since 2009

to cheer you up :)

you only need to have that much on you. it doesnt cost anything.
I hope you aren't saying you are sick? If so, best wishes for a miraculous and speedy recovery!

I have 1.5 million saved towards this mount, but at the moment I'm only playing for a few hours a night, max, because RL work is taking a priority.

I've noticed people don't seem to be spending much atm, and all the items I usually sell quite successfully are being put up on the AH again and again.

I have all professions, so I might need to level up my Herbalist!
if you really put your self to it with all the gold methods out there you can do it
even casually it's just a matter of having the knowledge
The folks that flip things they buy just to sell at a higher price are toxic to the enjoyment of the game. So are the snipers who scan the ah 24/7 hoping to find some poor schmuck who left a zero off the buyout price.

I think they need a way to set account level ah cuts and folks that abuse it should get a rising sell price to prevent the kind of toxic AH behaviour that does nothing for the majority of players of the game and is a reflection of the predatory greed prevalent everywhere.
any start of xpac drop your crafting profs (or use an alt) and take dual gathering profs.

until the 1st raid tier gets mythic cleared herbs and ore sell for a F__k ton.

happens every xpac as raids need flasks/pots.

they sell fast.

ore is used for gems/gear.

even this late into Xpac a stack of ore is 9k+
a stack of anchor weed (at half its original value atm) is 80k a stack. stack of other herbs (minus winter one as its so easily mass farmed) at 7k+ a stack. [Note! value varies by AH economy this is based on Anvilmar/Undermine economy]

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