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11/12/2018 10:08 PMPosted by Ditsi

Demonology is still significantly weaker than the other two specs in raids, its not just perception... the multiple buffs have not been enough to compensate for the specs issues/weaknesses. Sure it sims well now but it never works out in a real situation do to slow/unresponsive pets, no target swapping, and no mobility and having all cast times. There isn't any fight in the current raid where you wouldn't be better off taking one of the other lock specs.

This is blatantly incorrect but not the point, so I'm not going to argue it. Actually it kind of IS the point because having a class/spec be terrible can ruin the spec's reputation for the entire xpac. Demo would have to be flat-out overpowered now to make the community accept it again as viable due to its horrible start.

11/12/2018 11:02 PMPosted by Jelybeantoes

Ion's trying to convince us that the problem isn't sub-standard specs, the problem is that players who have complained about the specs have given them a bad reputation, even though they're fine.

They're not. Shadow priest is not fine. Guardian is not fine. Feral is not fine. The upcoming bandaid fixes will not put them right.

He's not entirely wrong but the blame lies on Blizzard, not the playerbase, for making some specs completely awful at various points for no reason. You can't blame the players for not wanting to take up the torch of bad specs and prove everyone wrong while getting kicked from everything. There aren't very many players good and geared enough to even succeed in doing so and they're certainly not going to waste time trying to make a "bad" spec work. Demonology is again the best example with it really being a solid spec now but unless it gets massive buffs to put it head and shoulders above Affliction, it'll be considered bad for the rest of the xpac.
I usually play all 3 rogue specs and favor sub, but right now only sin feels decent. the sub 100 talents are just boring, and rtb just drives me nuts.

shaman, that's all I have to say.

warlock, affliction is still on top damage wise but UA stacking is terrible. destro needed some serious help coming out of legion but has only had a few talent changes, and demo has ramp up issues, no mobility casts.

ranged classes need more casting on the move.

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