<Wired> 2/8M 8/8H _ Tues/Thurs 8:15 - 11:15

  • Wired (Alliance-Stormrage-US) Semi-Hardcore Raiding Tue/Thur 8:15 - 11:15pm EST

    Current progress is 8/8H 2/8M
  • Current news: Wired is currently recruiting for Heroic/Mythic Progression. We are seeking active players who take the time to study their class/spec, and show dedication to progression by having properly optimized/gemmed/enchanted gear. Attitude is the most important characteristic to join this raid team, we have a close knit group of members and while we do enjoy casual banter during farm runs, we like Discord clear and everyone focused during progression pulls.

    Required Addons: Deadly Boss Mods/BigWigs, RCLootCouncil and Exorsus Raid Tools
    , WeakAuras.

    Raid Nights: We typically break around 10PM EST for 8minutes. Currently we dedicate our two raid nights to Mythic Progression. We do run an optional run of Heroic Uldir every Friday at 8pm. Attendance and performance are reviewed at the end of each raid night by the officer team; all raids are logged and published on Warcraft Logs. Once content is on farm we do allow members to come in on alts to help gear up their additional toons.

    Recruitment: We are currently seeking competent DPS both range and melee. We are also in high need of a strong Paladin/ Monk /Druid healer.

    Background: Wired was established in late 2008. We started on Skullcrusher then moved to Korgath and now ended up on Stormrage. We have been in all tiers of raiding since WotLK. We have experienced leadership and a core group of members who are always wanting to hang out and wreck some mobs and horde. We have a very active guild discord which is open for all guild members. We have a strong focus in BFA for strict Mythic Raiding and looking for others to join us into the Tier!

    Check us out on Warcraft Logs!

    Kaldaro – GM (Divader#1585)
    Syans (Syan#1437)- Raid Lead
    Razgaline (Cptmullen#1738) - Recruit Officer
    Still looking for dedicated raiders to fill in a few dps slots.

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