What do you miss about your class/spec?

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It could be about your main, or any other class/spec you might play.

If it's not clear, the reason I'm asking this is because there have been lots of changes and pruning over the years. You might have had abilities, cooldowns or general mechanics that you no longer see.

I'll add specifics about the specs I play at some point.
MM having..

-Decent rotation

-Kill Shot

-Chimeara Shot

-Baseline Camouflage


-Stampede when it was cool

-Being an Archer who used Glaives and wasn't neutered to just having abilities tied to only the range weapon

-Trap launcher

-Viper Sting(Or all stings period.)

-Interesting pet abilities/trees

-Aimed Shot being a beast and giving MS debuff

-Traq Shot

-Old Cheetah

-Aspect of Pack

-Aspect of Fox

-Double Deterrence

-Reflecting spells with Deterrence

-Old traps

As for the class..

-Range Survival

-SoO tier bonuses for SV( The glory days)
Pruning of any sort should have NEVER happened.

I miss:
Locks being able to pvp well (MoP design).
Destruction being useful.

Spriests not having a garbage clunky rotation that clips and overwrites itself.

Mage WoD design.

Prot warriors being useful period.

Class balance is nightmare tier this expansion, and after 14 years its baffling and pretty pathetic. Rest of the game is pretty great to me at least...
Subtlety Rogue:








POSITIONAL REQUIREMENT ON BACKSTAB (not a dumb 'bonus' for being behind my target, I want the hard requirement which comes with zero ambiguity not wondering whether or not I'm losing 30% dmg)


Things I like about the redesign: Literally nothing, it's cancer on every level. Everyone responsible for this trash is an inept moron or a malicious bastard.
Legion Survival just needed a few tweeks but they completely remade it, I prefer the melee spec have a lot of melee abilities not abilities you can do in melee range. but i am in the minority
A rotation that has meaning. They have gone between no energy or too much and it just being spamming attacks non-stop. It is sad that even in Wrath, we had a more engaging rotation then we do now.

Berserk having an effect on what you do. When we first got it, it allowed you to keep up Rip easier and allowed Ferocious Bite to do you more good. Timing it right gave you a nice burst of damage. For a while Ferocious Bite did so little damage, it did nothing. Now, with the Sabertooth change, it will do nothing again since you will be using it so much, the effect will be minimal (<5%)

So many missing abilities. We had a ranged pull. Feral Faerie Fire didnt do much, but let you pull monster from a distance and apply an armor decrease. Between the ranged pull when needed and the armor reduction, you had something very useful. Gift of the Wild was amazing to have, it made you wanted in groups even in those times when our dps... wasnt so great. Baseline charge, baseline crit increase (including the aura), baseline healing increase, we had so much that made us more wanted. Now we have none of that, so it is either the mediocre dps or nothing, and no one wants mediocre dps.

Bears have been everything from the official offtank to a dodge tank to even, at the end of MoP, able to out heal healers with the right gear. Now though, all you can do it get hit, a lot. Your rotation is even more "hit buttons at random" than MoP's was. Everything is on cooldown, so you can pretty much, just not worry.

Add in, like feral, all the missing utility and it is pretty boring. I remember having enough damage reduction cooldowns to be able to rez someone even when tanking a boss. Saved more than one attempt when raiding. The loss of Berserk in Legion didnt hurt too much because of the artifact, but now, it is missing completely (I miss mangle spam). There used to be talents that let you heal a target and yourself without breaking form, it had a cooldown, but that was okay, that is what emergency cooldowns are for.

You get the idea, cats and bears are missing so much.
I miss Charge & Rallying Cry being off the GCD
I miss having the ability to participate in pvp

I miss feeling a slow tanky caster with great CC , now I'm just a slow caster
I miss being viable
(Holy Paladin) I miss being able to keep people alive PERIOD NO MATTER WHAT as long as I had mana to spend. As long as I had mana, the only thing limiting my hpally's performance was ME. Back then, there was no blaming the spellbook.
Dark Pact and imp as a mana battery. Loved that play style.

Fear Ponging, fearing two mobs while alternating Curse of Recklessness between the two, while voidwalker tanked a third. Doom. Drain Tanking mobs.

Bear catting as feral.

Abilities from all clssses. Class buffs. Kinda back, but not really.

Edit: Rawrbombing as a feral
Vampiric Aura. Being able to help the healers out during big AoE damage moments by giving everyone Leech was one of my favorite thing as Blood.
Overall, I miss being able to buff other people.

I play An Enhancement Shaman as a main, and I really liked it when I could empower other players.

I would forego eeking out the highest possible DPS for talents that allowed me to boost others (enhance them if you will). It's just my favorite playstyle.

But now, the only totem I can talent into is just a movement buff (Wind Rush Totem).

My other totems are movement based as well. Tremor, removes snare. Capacitor, stuns. Earthbound, snares.

I'm no longer enhancing anything.
I miss my spec (ranged SV), because it was removed from the game!!
So everything that ranged SV embodied I miss.
10/16/2018 11:44 AMPosted by Standonmerit
Fear Ponging, fearing two mobs while alternating Curse of Recklessness between the two, while voidwalker tanked a third. Doom. Drain Tanking mobs.
So the rumours were true that locks had a sky high skill ceiling.

Some of the best times I've had in this game was being a pocket healer for warriors and warlocks with my holy paladin. I'll never forget BtCrazy laughing while he Rained Fire on the whole pack and the tank losing his mind but it didn't matter because the mobs died and me and the lock didn't and the rest of the group didn't have time to type complaints because BtCrazy was already pulling the next pack and the tank was valiantly but futilely trying to run fast enough to keep up and then even more futile was his efforts to regain aggro. Can't have the tank be tanking elite mobs, where's the fun in that?

LET IT RAIN FIRE AND BRIMSTONE AND DEATH made possible by yours truly healing.
I miss hurricane. I miss old starfall because it was unique and not just a copy of every other ground target aoe. I miss baseline treants. I miss wild mushrooms and exploding said mushrooms. I miss nature's grasp. I miss having typhoon and bash baseline. I miss baseline thorns. I miss being able to buff random players with mark of the wild and thorns. I miss baseline lifebloom, rejuvenation, and healing touch.

I miss when blizzard gave you choice, instead of giving you one path to follow. I miss old talent trees allowing me to dip into restoration for natures swiftness, or maybe into feral for feral charge or more armor.
Call to the Void trait. Generating tentacles on mind flays visually was really cool and they provided a bit of insanity gen If you had to move for mechanics. Also slow was huge for pvp

Demonic Leap

Leaping to my port, porting, then gating to just literally be in china in a single GCD

the slow on Hand of Guldan

the dot on Hand of Guldan

Demonic Fury

Howl of Terror


shadowfurying the teamfight then howling it for fun fast times

back to back chaos wave crits on 2+ players(literally feels better than sex)

My pet actually duel wielding

My pet not being tiny as heck

My pet actually being a real threat that you just had to accept as reality

literally my entire !@#$ing spec
I miss wod demo lock. It was a masterpiece and they literally shattered it and gave the aesthetics to demon hunters, but the playstyle is lost forever.
10/16/2018 12:27 PMPosted by Antaris
I miss wod demo lock. It was a masterpiece and they literally shattered it and gave the aesthetics to demon hunters, but the playstyle is lost forever.

I was one of the top demon locks in RBGs, I know how you feel man. Deleting people off of the server with demon bolts and in mists with chaos waves was so much fun

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