What do you miss about your class/spec?

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Miss having to make actual decisions during combat, rather than just mashing whatever's off CD now. Miss holy's 1 min AC in legion. Miss not falling asleep when I do/did any pve on any of the pally specs.
10/16/2018 12:38 PMPosted by Vaerume
Miss having to make actual decisions during combat, rather than just mashing whatever's off CD now. Miss holy's 1 min AC in legion. Miss not falling asleep when I do/did any pve on any of the pally specs.

I remember when as a demon lock i had to decide if it was correct to go for the kill at 600vs 800 fury as the extra touches could matter in some situations.
it was a split second decision that had ramifications for the next 2 minutes and severely punished any mistake. It was genuinely the most interesting gameplay i've ever done.
Alright, here are mine:

Frost Mage

Deep Freeze, big Frostbolt > Ice Lance shatter combos, Frostfire Bolt (mostly aesthetics), Cone of Cold actually doing damage

Fire Mage

Big crits. Fire has always been a frenetic spec by nature, but now it's more about just getting crits rather than the crits themselves. In PVP you can simulate the feel of big crits with Greater Pyroblast, but it's just not the same. It's just about how many crits you get now. Watch old PVP videos of Fire Mages and you'll see what I mean.

Affliction Warlock

I miss UA being a singular, powerful DoT. There was a time it had much better dispel protection than it does now, too.

Demonic Circle and Mortal Coil not being a decision in talents (a Warlock thing, not just Affliction).

I kind of liked Drain Soul just being something I used for Shards and executing, like it was in WotLK/Cata - it didn't take up a talent slot.

Being able to take the heat, but also knowing the limits of my defensive strengths and being subject to counterplay. Affliction Warlocks are just target dummies now. You can kite and sometimes pull it off but most of the time there is no comfort in being a Warlock in PVP now. And I assure you, kiting this much as a Warlock is not fun.

Howl of Terror (another Warlock thing, not just Affliction)

Destruction Warlock

Not many people talk about Wrath of the Lich King Destruction, but it was fast-paced, VERY smooth and fun. Destruction then got turned into a slow-paced, but very high damage caster. Now it's a slow-paced caster that relies on a 3 minute cooldown to do anything meaningful.

What do I miss? I liked the spec being fast-paced and smooth, but there is little chance of that happening as long as they keep Chaos Bolt the way it is - a slow cast, spender ability.

Arms Warrior

Like Fire Mage, big crits. Right now, Arms Warriors get quite a bit of their damage from passive Deep Wounds.

I miss the old blood-gushing sound from proccing Deep Wounds on a crit. That was one of the most satisfying things about playing Arms to me.

Also, the entire point of being an "Arms" Warrior originally was the Weapon Specializations. Those have been gone for awhile but I'm just pointing out that that was why "Arms" had its name.

Fury Warrior

1-handed fury as an option.

Protection Warrior

Gladiator Stance was a fun option, especially in PVP. Was really sad to see it go. I honestly think it could be a 4th Warrior spec, though I am not sure how open they are to creating more specializations for existing classes.

Frost DK

2-handed as an option.

Also, Frost DK (at least dual wield Frost) play felt a lot faster before Legion changes. I miss that. The pacing of combat feels slower, and the animations are slow and clunky. Maybe this was the intended pacing of Frost DK but I must say I have not enjoyed it as much.


More about the Rogue class in particular, and not just any of the specs. Rogue used to be more about finesse and decision-making, but with changes to combo points and limiting utility and CC to the different specs, Rogues have just become like any other mongoloid melee DPS. All action, little thought process.


Seals, old Blessings and Auras.

Shadow Priest

Devouring Plague. I've never much liked Voidform, or the Old God aesthetic. The "Shadow" part of Shadow Priest isn't even the best part anymore.
The entire Artifact trait tree.

Artifacts had 22 traits on them per spec. Yes, some of them were boring, but many of them were also significantly more interesting than any of the current Azerite Traits we see.

Imagine having a static progression path that you could build towards in WoW, where you felt significantly more powerful as you progressed. I have no idea why they scrapped that system instead of just iterating on it and improving the areas that people did not like.

I showed this to a friend who did not play Legion yesterday and he was so sad that he missed it: https://www.wowdb.com/artifact-calculator
MM hunter: Glaives, Kill shot, Chimera shot, full mobility from wod days, Power Shot. I also prefer deterrence over turtle. Instant aimed shot was fun, but the other stuff means a lot more. Rapid fire stinks.

Enh shaman: Fire nova with flame shock spread most of all, totems, maelstrom weapon, shocks (!), none of this rag... i mean maelstrom resource. Spirit wolf heal, shamanistic rage (usable while stunned, could remove magic), frost shock snare.

Ele shaman: Lava burst, lightning bolt etc. doing actual damage and not everything being tied into earth shock. Lava burst needs to be scary. Totems again.

Some other mentions: old starfall (why did they change it into a basic rain of fire?), old eclipse, old demo lock design, single minded fury, one unstable affliction per target.
Judgement effects
being able to buff more than 1-2 people in any spec.
and much much more
Sub rogue:

- Garrote

- Gouge

- Dismantle

- Preperation

- Combat Readiness

- Premedetation

- 1 min Dance with big Ambush burst.

- Poisons, including 70% crippling

- Shiv

- Combo points on target

- Redirect

- Detect/disarm trap

- Hemorrhage

- Recuperate

So many tools we used to have available to us to control the outcome of a fight.

Now we have nothing, not even damage.
This thread makes me so sad for this game. So much awesome stuff has been annihilated by the devs.

I miss things that made classes/specs unique: seals, presences, Symbiosis, Shadow as a mana battery.

I miss having more weapon options: 2H Frost, 2H Enhance, 1H Fury.

I miss my WW monk actually using her nonfist weapons in animations.

I miss being able to feel like a hero as a DPS class with cooldowns like Antimagic Shield.
Death knights:
-dw unholy
-2h frost

-Explosive shot, the real one.
-old lock and load procs off traps.
-baseline scatter shot that didn't share dr with frost trap
-A rotation that has more then 3 buttons
-A talent tree that that doesn't force me to choose between ok aoe and trash -single target or trash aoe and good single target.
-The survival spec that shot explosives and black arrows.
I miss afflictions dots doing damage
i miss coe ( curse of exhaustion)
I miss shadowflame ( cone of cold style ability)
I miss the shield voidwalker used to give
and like its been stated i miss being viable in pvp.
10/16/2018 02:40 PMPosted by Diora
I miss afflictions dots doing damage
i miss coe ( curse of exhaustion)
I miss shadowflame ( cone of cold style ability)
I miss the shield voidwalker used to give
and like its been stated i miss being viable in pvp.

I'm with you. A lot of classes have suffered from pruning but Warlocks truly lost a lot of important tools in PVP.
Too many to mention so I'll just say MoP class design. All of it. !@#$ class design since Legion. The Devs are %^-*ing retarded and have completely lost touch for the game. WTB new class devs!
I miss all the fun WOTLK abilities hunters had. It's weird that after more expansions, the class feels more empty and has lost so much flavor since then. Also, wotlk MM hunter was probably the most fun rotation and spec that hunters have ever had in this game.
ranged survival
Shadow: Devouring Plague, meaningful DoTs (which includes snapshotting, I suppose.)

Windwalker: actually having enough energy most of the time to make what should be a fast-paced spec (and the only melee dps spec I enjoy) actually feel fluid.

Brewmaster: Clash, Dizzying Haze (yeah, I get why this had to go), ability to take basically no damage and self-sustain through whatever we couldn't ignore (yeah, I get this change too).
Ranged SV

I miss having more than half of my baseline abilities. Let's see everything I miss from warlock...

MoP warlock was incredible. Affliction was so much better than it is now.
I miss soulburn and all the interaction it had with our other spells.
I miss baseline haunt and it being a SS spender rather than stacking UAs
I miss using malefic grasp with it's amazing animation and then swapping to DS to snipe adds.
I miss baseline port.
I miss howl of terror.
I miss soul swap
I miss DoT snapshotting.
I miss all of our baseline curses
I miss fel flame
I miss life tap
I miss grimoire of sac actualling being strong
I miss dark bargain
I miss soul link
I miss baseline twilight ward.
I miss unbound will
I miss blood horror.
I miss xelnath :(

Those are the main things I miss and that's just for one spec of the warlock.

Pruning ruined not only my favorite class but every other class in this game. I used to have every class max level because I loved the playstyle of 90% of the classes. Ever since legion I haven't enjoyed a single class.

WoW is dead to me after pruning.
I honestly cant play my warlock anymore. It feels like a character stuck at level 40. Soooooo many abilities pruned.

The last time I played my warlock was demo in wod because it was amazing, but destro was pruned to hell and I've never been a fan of affliction.
Losing glyphs also felt like losing class abilities, because honestly they changed how you played your character in more ways than azerite ever will. They gave you so many options for gameplay especially in pvp.
I actually like the pruning that has taken place. WoW is finally to the point where I can use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app for my phone and play competitively. I qualified for the MDI, got cutting edge Uldir, and reached gladiator rank, all without the use of a keyboard or mouse, only using my phone.

Complex controls and bloated spellbooks are overrated. No rotation needs more than three abilities plus a major cooldown, a defensive and one utility spell.

If you don't agree with me, you should probably play another game because MOBILE is the future and that's clearly where WoW is headed and smartly so. I may be a turtle but my head is not in the sand, and neither is Ion's.

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