What do you miss about your class/spec?

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10/18/2018 11:32 AMPosted by Stormdk
10/18/2018 10:52 AMPosted by Hutta
I miss not being dog!@#$, Heroic Strike, and Stances.

You're an arms warrior, you're literally OP in both pve and pvp right now lol

I was talking about Prot and Arms is not OP in PvE. It's above average. Havoc and Sub is OP though in PvE.
Guardian Druid:

Basically everything we lost with Artifact Weapon and/or Legendaries.

- slow
- decent selfheal
- GCD on reactive o !@#$ button
- offensive cooldown for burst threat
- more threat overall
10/17/2018 05:46 PMPosted by Ganaanaa
Soulburn, Fel Flame, CoEX, and Haunt using Soulshards.

All of this. And a lot more... Warlocks have been gutted hard.
Let me just say i miss Mop class design. The talents and the abilities were the best imo..
Enhancement Shaman

-Not being well below average in dps.
-Not being instantly declined from dungeons (M+ in this case)
-Having more survibility
-More group buffs
I miss being an effective AOE healer.

You'd expect a resto druid to put out a lot of small, efficient heals that stabilize people long enough for big ones to come in and counteract AOE rot. A cushion healer is expected to spread out and overheal a lot, so you'd logically expect them to be pulling the highest numbers while other people have stronger spot throughput to keep individuals up through focused damage. But right now those cushions are paper thin and don't add up at all, and our mana bar is a friggen sieve.

During our raid last night we were practicing Mythic Zek, which has a lot of crazy overlapping patterns you just need to memorize, so we had a lot of practice attempts we expected to wipe. I was basically just mashing whatever was off cooldown without regard to longevity, to extend the attempts and give us more time to see and remember stuff.

This is the ideal scenario of a resto druid. A lot of people taking lots of small hits and steady dots, a big fixating add spawn that lines right up with Tranq, a scenario where we can just burn full tilt, and I'm swinging around 371 ilvl which is about even with the main group. The logs afterward gave me consistent high-90s legendary parses, and a couple 100s -- and they were still 3-4k behind other healers of similar ilvl who parsed lower. It's well below what seems to be the baseline for something like M Vectis, which is itself supposedly "our bag" with a lot of AOE rot, predictable dots, and phases you can schedule Tranq around.

This isn't right. I know we're getting a patch soon to move our overweighted Tranq a bit into WG, but it's gonna need a lot more than that. Right now dedicated spot healers are better at AOE healing than the spec that's supposed to define AOE healing, and I'm seriously considering asking the leader to bench me because the numbers just aren't there. It really feels like we're there to Tranq specific mechanics and try not to be dead weight for the rest.

i miss fun.
When [Raise Ally] turned them into a ghoul, instead of just rezing them.

1. SnD being viable. RtB is Garbage. SnD either needs to be buffed or moved off the same tier as Alacrity.
2. Having a bleed. Loss of rupture hurts when having to run out of aoe and other downtime mechanics.
3. Fast offhand. With the loss of fast offhands and then the loss of the legion artifact, Combat - I mean Outlaw - is constantly energy starved, even with very high haste. Also, see #1. (A little bit of cleverness on Blizz's part with mastery could also fix this, as well as finally make mastery not suck for Outlaw.)
4. Fan of Knives. I don't know why Blizz made this a Sin ability only, but having a 2nd option for aoe was nice, especially when BF's on cooldown.
5. Combat, not Outlaw. Combat used to be about being up in the face of any enemy and fighting, where the other two were about hiding, stealthing, and attacking from the shadows. The pirate theme is terribad. Rogues have classically been more about being ninja/assassin-like. Where the crap did this pirate theme come from? Not only un-rogue-like, but also boring.
6. Evasion. Outlaw go nerfed defense-wise with the loss of Evasion. Riposte is pretty terrible in mos situations, and is completely useless against ranged enemies.
7. Survivability. See #6. Combat used to have crazy survivability, but that has slowly been nerfed into the ground. Now soloing on an Outlaw rogue is a good bit tougher than other classes, even with the self-healing ability and talents.
8. Being able to use any 1-h weapon. I remember when combat rogues were given the ability to use 1-h axes. Blizz's explanation was that combat rogues were about fighting, and a rogue should be able to pick up any weapon and use it in combat. Now it feels like we're being limited to maces and fists. Yes, we can still use swords and axes, but they're rare and usually meant for prot pallies and wars, as well as demon hunters.
Gust. Of. Wind.
10/16/2018 12:21 PMPosted by Sucy

Demonic Leap

Leaping to my port, porting, then gating to just literally be in china in a single GCD

the slow on Hand of Guldan

the dot on Hand of Guldan

Demonic Fury

Howl of Terror


shadowfurying the teamfight then howling it for fun fast times

back to back chaos wave crits on 2+ players(literally feels better than sex)

My pet actually duel wielding

My pet not being tiny as heck

My pet actually being a real threat that you just had to accept as reality

literally my entire !@#$ing spec


Meta it could have coexisted with demon hunters version
Range SV. (Rest in peace my love).

I have mained BM almost exclusively since vanilla so I am the first to admit its always been a pretty bland/vanilla spec. However, BFA has made it even blander. The rotation is ok, but aesthetically its dead. No real special effects, sounds, or any cool pets now.

At least in legion we had an army of pets to bring out with lightning effects from artifact weapon. You could transform your main pet into whatever the !@#$ you wanted. But we lost that.

Now I have a fkin clefthoof 90% of the time because it provides a lust and is hands down the best tank pet in the game. I hate that. I spent so many years camping rare/unique pets and Blizzards tonedeafness ruined that fun aspect of the spec for me.

Like who the absolute %^-* decided these changes? ANd there was massive feedback on it in alpha/beta and it fell on deaf ears as usual which is typical of this god tier trash Blizzard development we have now.

I miss how the old GCD's felt. I find myself reaching for a button that I can't press yet because of it and boom lost my 3 stack frenzy by a fkin cu-nt hair.

I dont want to be top dps, im find with being middle to lower tier damage. I bring excellent utility, survivability, and mobility to any pve fight, but I just want the class in general to feel fun again.

Honestly in general every spec/class in the game outside of illitard feels like trash to me now. In asmongolds react video he showed like a 2004 video of a troll shaman questing at lvl 4 and he has more abilities @ lvl 4 than most classes do now at 120. Sad
i miss devouring plague so much
Explosive shot survival. Absolutely nothing was more fun than that spec. BM is ok and gave a similar-ish feel. High mobility, reacts to procs and such, but it's really not the same. ES hunter was hunter perfection as far as I'm concerned. There were so many subtle things to master to increase your preformance. It didn't need more buttons thrown at it to be challenging. Stuff like learning how to get off as many ES as possible, while never clipping your dot was something I enjoyed working on and seeing how my numbers improved as I got better at it.

I can go on because I really did love that spec. I was really sad to see it no longer existed when I came back. Especially when that was a spec that would have felt at home in the current fast paced, heavy movement environment.
I miss Presences for that mini tank and speed boost

I miss being sorta harder to be CC'd

I miss KM on Frost Strike

i miss damage on oblit to make it nuky

i miss being relevant
10/16/2018 05:56 PMPosted by Deathage
I miss having more than half of my baseline abilities. Let's see everything I miss from warlock...

MoP warlock was incredible. Affliction was so much better than it is now.
I miss soulburn and all the interaction it had with our other spells.
I miss baseline haunt and it being a SS spender rather than stacking UAs
I miss using malefic grasp with it's amazing animation and then swapping to DS to snipe adds.
I miss baseline port.
I miss howl of terror.
I miss soul swap
I miss DoT snapshotting.
I miss all of our baseline curses
I miss fel flame
I miss life tap
I miss grimoire of sac actualling being strong
I miss dark bargain
I miss soul link
I miss baseline twilight ward.
I miss unbound will
I miss blood horror.
I miss xelnath :(

Those are the main things I miss and that's just for one spec of the warlock.

Pruning ruined not only my favorite class but every other class in this game. I used to have every class max level because I loved the playstyle of 90% of the classes. Ever since legion I haven't enjoyed a single class.

WoW is dead to me after pruning.

I was with you until life tap. Good riddance to that nonsense
I miss everything about Wrath affliction.
I don't understand why class design has gone the way it has. To be fair, in MoP, it got very close to "everybody has everything" and it could be argued that the identity of a given class was diminishing. HOWEVER...
I would far prefer class identity as opposed to spec identity, for a few reasons.

The manner in which you begin the game is spec-agnostic. And it's a process that used to have you use spells and abilities that you didn't suddenly forget at level 10. Spec is short for specialization, meaning your abilities in a given area are stronger than the others that exist, not that the others disappear. This manner of building lets a character dabble in different specs organically, letting his experience overflow from one spec to others and encouraging him to pursue the spec that satisfies him the most.

Class design should never have pruned classes. There's a reasonable way to encourage solid builds and discourage the use of other nonessential spells via the tutorial system. More intricate builds can be asked of the in-game community and unique builds can be experimented.

I have played this druid since Vanilla, and druids seem to be the final bastion of the original class design, both in its advantages and disadvantages. Call it presences, auras, stances, forms, aspects - these mechanics allow natural limitations to be in place to encourage a rational rotation as well as construct a playpen of sorts to drive home the point that certain abilities should only be used in certain situations. These stances describe various pros and cons to selecting them and allowed people to learn which was best for a given situation.

Especially with the old talent system, the game allowed players to have agency in their choices; a single talent point might not have been extremely influential, but a great amount of them allowed for an individual that could be highly specialized in ranged AoE or in massive utility. They allowed for builds inside of builds that truly made players unique without necessarily sacrificing viability. Make no mistake - many builds weren't viable, but it's an RPG... the development team shouldn't eliminate avenues in which characters can make mistakes. By breeding an open world of choices and opportunities of endless agency, they can create a game that goes so far beyond mundane entertainment and encourage their players to actively engage in the community and continually build their knowledge.
What do I miss?

Class Devs with a level of competence that exceeds that of a baboon on !@#$ and GHB...

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