BrM going WW for the first time. Little lost.

Seriously, up-to-date WW guides are beyond rare right now and I'd appreciate some tips. We have M Zek to 10% and will likely down him tomorrow but I'll be on my ret because I've never dps'd as monk before.

I know, I know. I've read through peakofserenity multiple times. Unless I'm wrong, TP, BK, RSK, and FotWT are pretty easy to use. Don't use the same one twice in a row, try not to cap energy/combo points.

I'm specifically looking for help with openers. my BrM is 372 but I logged out in my WW gear. As of now I sim for just shy of 16k single target ( )I'm doing 8k vs the dummy. Pretty sure I'm the dummy here right now. If you're feeling generous and want to comment on rotation then I'd appreciate you even more.

I guess I don't really know when/what order to use Xuen, Karma, Storm, Earth, Fire, and Touch of Death.

I currently have these WA's installed:

Thanks in advance, guys.
Xuen tigerpalm storm earth fire touch of death fist of the white tiger rising sun kick fist of fury whirling dragon punch tiger palm rising sunkick tigerpalm blackout kick chiburst blackout kick.
Thanks for the response.

Should I be pooling combo points/energy when Xuen comes back up? Like is it worth holding off for 5-6 seconds on a fist of the white tiger to pop it during touch of death?

Storm Earth and Fire is only 90 sec cd vs 2 min. Should it be being popped on CD or should you wait the 30 seconds to pop it with xuen/touch of death?
thats a bit more of the trickier part of the spec, you want to dump as much damage as possible during ToD due to the 10% dmg will be added to ToD, you also want to make sure that WDP will come off of CD while your SEF are up, and you want to try and line SEF up with you ToD for maximum out put
In an ideal world you would want to get all of your damage off during your touch of death timer. You want want SEF rolling, Xuen rolling, karma damage being applied, rsk & fof up etc. You usually can't get your karma damage in but sometimes you can.

Openers kind of depend on the fight but a solid one is:
FOTWT -> TP -> Xuen -> SEF -> TOD -> (karma if you can take dmg and be in melee range) RSK -> FOF -> TP -> WDP -> BK ...

Watch your SEF charges, you want to have one up for your TOD timings. Don't waste your charges, make sure you can fit in good damage everytime you use a charge. Definitely don't just use them on cooldown.
That’s actually hard to say, for a mythic dungeon, If you are using ToD on cooldown as well as your other abilities that will probably increase your overall damage. Even if you don’t have all of your damage to put into touch of death, using it on a trash mob, it going to die pretty fast anyway without all of your damage. In that case it’s not super important that all of your abilities line up and it’s worth it too just use your stuff on cooldown, I think.

But you do want to time it however so you have 1 charge of storm earth fire, xuen and touch of death for a boss fight because you will maximize damage putting it all into one touch of death.
I had this same exact experience. I had no intention of playing a melee DPS whatsoever and didn't research how WW played before deciding to roll Brewmaster for BFA.

Anyway, so I'm in a raid and someone decides they want to tank. Whatever I'll drop and hop into another one no big deal.

"No no no just go DPS"

"Eh I have weapons, but I don't really know what I'm doing"

"It's fine it's a guild run no big deal"

It was an unmitigated travesty. I mean I had no idea what the hell was going on. I understood how the Mastery functioned and that I had to rotate abilities to maximize damage, but I was doing absolutely nothing. I mean ridiculous pitiful damage. I was pulling something like 1-2K less than my tank spec.

Long story short I dropped. Thanks but no thanks guys I'm here to tank.

I went to the training dummy to figure out WTF is going on. Same numbers +/- some raid buffs with a perfect rotation. WTF??!

Run a simulation to figure out what my optimal DPS should be. Do a google search to figure out what the current optimal spec is.

Turns out 24% of my damage was suppose to come from Touch of Karma. TWENTY FOUR PERCENT. I was flabbergasted. I didn't even realize it was anything but a survival cooldown.

Anyway Windwalker is a joke compared to Brewmaster and Mistweaver. The chi system is broken and feel bolted on and does nothing but slow the spec down. Funneling all the damage into Touch of Death and then standing in the fire for ToK is just absurd. Not putting out numbers for 85% of your rotation, and then having one big number hit feels bad enough. Having 24% of your numbers come from actively doing mechanics improperly and sacrificing your best survival cooldown ontop of that is just absurd. Even if you are ok with that the downtime in the base rotation is just atrocious. It's something like 40% of a fight you are channeling or waiting on energy to generate CHI. Gross.

It's literally night and day how terrible Windwalker is with respect to the other two specs.
gotta pop that karma and stand in fire to do good dps realistically karma will be doing about 15% of ur dmg but TOD will be right there with it welcome to BFA
Yeah training dummy won't give you the same numbers as sims because you can't use touch of karma on a training dummy. Here is a rule of thumb, for me. Attack the dummy for three uses of Xuen. That's a total of about 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Then take that dps number and multiply it by 1.15 as karma is about 15 of our damage when used properly in most fights. So for example, on a dummy my dps is 10,900. (on avg) my aim says 12,900.

10,900 x 1.15 = 12,535

12,900 - 12,535 = 365.

So it's pretty close.

Also remember that some have made prefect rotations and better timing than a human reaction speed could so if you can't match it perfectly its ok!

Also make sure you disable all buffs except your mystic touch in raidbot. I doubt you have battle shout, food, flash and potions for a training dummy. And it can not have the uldir buff on it either.
Babylonius has some solid guides you can read on WoWhead and Peak of Serenity websites.

You will love those!
[quote="207684193387"]Babylonius has some solid guides you can read on WoWhead and Peak of Serenity websites.
10/25/2018 11:35 AMPosted by Aerbota
Babylonius has some solid guides you can read on WoWhead and Peak of Serenity websites.

You will love those!

Yes, true. And yet, despite the quality, the substance of these articles : more nerfs for WW monks came along, proof that Blizzard ABSOLUTELY doesnt care one bit what some of us can write, whatever the quality. it's really sad. Instead they will send us their 'buffer' : you know the 'green' community manager, that is here to not say what he/she doesnt know and not do what he/she can't do (we call them buffers in my line of work, the front desks operators that wipe all the !@#$ all day long while we're watching the sky in our office thinking about life, death and the miracle of life). All this, so that when the High Council Blue Team 'MrJACK KNOWS ALL ' comes along and dignify us with a comment hefeel like a god. Good, happy for them. I wish i was runnign a business where i actually tell my customers to shut up, don't deliver the goods, deliver them at my pace, whenever i feel like, following my thoughts and desire and ignoring what's out there in the real world. Truly unbelievable. I was an hardcore Diablo 3 player and thought this kind of nonsense only happened there, because Blizzard didnt make any money with Diablo, but NO, it's all over the place ! ;)
that's how things work down here, no need to play that game for years to understand.
All the big money now for Blizzard is in the PvP / world tournaments etc. PvE ? us ? Casual players ? they dont give a !@#$ about that? We're here to pay so some guys can enjoy doing some arenas.
that's it.
ah, and also : grind. More grind and more RNG on top of RNG, they call it AZERITE traits. In case you wonder : everytime you finally get the traits you want on the piece you want it becomes useless because you get a higher ilvl piece but hei sorry that one doesnt have the same traits (of course Blizzard, why would you make it easy ? ) Nooo ! instead, carry 4 pieces of gear x 3 with 4 different aerite setups : FANTASTIC ! Oh and you'll love that new piece, but.. only two traits now, not 3 anymore ! YAY ! the next trait is available at level 29, too bad you're at level 26 but don't worry , you'll be there in 3 months ! Until then : keep GRINDING and get those emissary crap caches with the EXACT same piece over and over.
And in case you are looking for a 370+ weapon, well, sit down and relax, it should come by when 370+ weapons will be useless, in 2 years or so. Until then ? well, dream on. (yeah yeah i know, some of you are hardcore badass champions running + 10 all day, just keep ine mind that you're 10 to 20 % of the community.. )
Why that ? hmm, why the restrictions, the nonsense on the loot system, the direct / calculated frustration of the trade system . >> so there is no black market ? really ? you pay 50$ and you get a carry into M+10 dungeons 24h a day, you want the TOP ? pay 100 $ and you get the high end stuff from Uldir. So, no black market ? really ? there is more farmers, botters, merchants in this game than in all the Blizzard universe. You want to try a top DK, DH and dont feel like going through all the leveling ? no worries, plenty of eastern europeans (and others) willing to deliver that for you in no time. You'll become GOD, at least until the next patch.

It's a cash cow (in real $$) for thousands of people) they LOVE the fact that Blizzard leaves 80 % of their subscribers out of luck, out of gear and frustrated because they make a ton of cash on this.
Brilliant Blizzard ! genius really..
The lack of simple, strategic, coherent, long term thinking in Blizaard team is SO OBVIOUS, patch after patch, hotfix after hotfix, it looks like they have a team of part time developers and game engineers that work on shifts, one week Wow, one week Diablo. The continuity, the sustainability of this system is broken, BFA is a living proof of that : one bandaid after the other just enough to insure the monthly subs are still coming in and the sheeps (us) stay in place, nice and quiet. You don't like WW monk, the one you spent dozens of hours leveling, gearing etc ? no worries : start again, with no benefits of course.
SHAME, PITYFUL, i feel sorry for them. i really do
I've read through peakofserenity multiple times.
I'm specifically looking for help with openers.
I guess I don't really know when/what order to use Xuen, Karma, Storm, Earth, Fire, and Touch of Death.

Peak's main guide has an openers section and link to a further deep dive article (which is mostly unnecessary for you right now)

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