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I'd be a healers worst nightmare.

Massive raid-wide damage via ongoing Virulent Plague and Epidemic. Consistent interrupts on heal spells via Mind Freeze, Asphyxiate, and Ghoul stuns.

I'd constantly be summoning Undead minions that need to be tanked and DPS'd down. Lots of little Army of the Dead ghouls, Abominations, and Val'kyr. The little ghouls if they aren't killed fast enough jump to a caster and stun them for a short duration, the abominations would chain hook people to interrupt them and pull them into dangerous areas.

Every now and then I'd mass Death Grip the raid into my Death and Decay and you'd have to get out really quick to avoid getting cleaved.

I'd have an Unholy Frenzy duration where tanks would need to use mass mitigation and get externals and big heals. and frequent tank swap. And occasionally a DPS check through Anti-magic Shell where you have to wear it down and get it off me before I absorb too much Runic power and start Death Striking everyone to regain health.

And these things would happen in the beginning without overlap, but would rapidly start to occur in tandem, while the Virulent plague and Epidemic kept eating away at everyone in the background.

My enrage timer would be when a true Army of the Dead goes off and starts constant summoning of undead minions that rapidly overwhelms the raid and wipes them.
I spawn a chest in the middle of the room.
I flag everyone FFA PVP.
Last one alive gets the loot... all of it...

I sit back and watch with my /popcorn.
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I'll be the equivalent of the Whale Shark >:)

I do see the resemblance.

(/◔ ◡ ◔)/

Lucky for you that Goblins are inedible......
At 1% I immune and call you weaklings and I'm wasting my time and teleport away.

Oh wait that's just world pvp on my pally.
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i only drop 2 handed weapons and helmets

Not possible, raid bosses can't drop 2H weapons.
Setting: A large circular arena high up in the Kun'lai mountains. Three large pillars supporting elevated platforms are placed around the edge of it.

General: A two phase fight that swaps between phases repeatedly. Though after the third swap it becomes a soft enrage to kill me fast.

Phase 1: Master of the Mountain

Players face me alone. The key thing is I gain a constant stacking buff that increases all of my damage the longer the phase goes on. There is no way to remove it except to trigger phase 2. I also have an energy bar that slowly increases.

I have a tank swap mechanic that cuts armor down dramatically per stack. Fists of Fury, a large frontal cone that stuns those caught in it and deals heavy damage. Dragon Kick, where I target a ranged guy and launch forward towards them. Players need to stack up in my path to split the damage or he will die.

I constantly spawn small chi spheres around the arena that gravitate towards me. If they touch me I gain extra energy, if players hit them they gain a stacking dot. Ranged need to constantly soak them and tanks need to watch my positioning. But they can also be used to jump start phase shifts if my damage gets too high.

At certain energy levels I gain new abilities:
25% - Exploding Palm, a large dot placed on several people that will detonate after a short time and send out chi waves in the four cardinal directions each.
50% - I'll start dropping huge chi spheres in the center of the arena. It acts like a bomb, kill it before it explodes and bad times happen.
75% - Spawn two Storm, Earth & Fire clones that fixate random people. Can't be killed, but can be slowed and kited around.

Phase 2: Serenity's Fury

At 100 energy I flee to one of the above platforms and begin meditating, dropping my buff stacks. During my meditation, chi bombs constantly rain down from the sky and bombard the arena. Every so often a huge one appears that if not intercepted will blow the raid off the edge of the platform.

I also summon an Avatar of Xuen. Xuen has an aura of minor aoe lightning damage and a swipe attack that needs to be split among the melee.

To end the phase you need to destroy the pillar under me. Some of the chi bombs will leave residual spheres behind (colored blue, not green). Players need to grab them and run them to Xuen, but it leaves a debuff so runners need to alternate.

The spheres give Xuen energy. When he eats four he'll do a charge attack focused on the largest clump of players. Everyone needs to stack behind the pillar to get him to run into that instead. Repeat it twice and the pillar is destroyed, reverting back to phase 1. Also if Xuen dies a new one will spawn and he will carry on through phases, so be careful timing when you kill him.

End: And that's about it! The fight just repeats like that. But once the third and final pillar is destroyed I'll no longer enter phase 2. It becomes a soft enrage because nothing will stop my damage increasing stacks. Kill or be killed by that point.
My health only goes down when you beat me in a game of calvinball
I stole the big loot from the last raid boss and tried escaping.

The raid is a large elevator tower. I run inordinately fast to the point where shadow copies trail behind me. The ability gives me a 50% chance to dodge.

Too much melee dps will trigger my throw attack where I grab 1-2 party members and toss them off to their death. After sustaining enough damage, I flip upward and toss several grenades onto the elevator. Adds will spawn and I'll return to the fray.

The elevator itself will become less stable. Eventually near the top everyone will have to jump off of it to reach the top floor. Anyone failing to do so will fall to their death.

The entire party's quick items are stolen until a wipe or completion of the raid.

At this point I go into stealth, sap a random person, and the party has but 2 seconds to stack or the target will sustain massive damage. After getting me down to 1%, my bandit crew swipes me up. "Adios amigos!" Then loot drops.
My divine storm has a 60yd range, it requires two months of funneling healers gear to even get the high out put possible even on normal.

I require three tanks because of how constant I debuff on tanks.

I randomly target any player with judgement so guess how many people are gonna get meme'd if they are to low when it casts.

I also have a 100% drop rate on an unique mount that has one color per difficulty not including LFR. Only one mount per kill.
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What are your mechanics?

If you don’t interrupt me I heal to full.

Tanks must kite me when I pop wings.

If you don’t kill me before the enrage timer I bubblehearth.

I kinda want to see Method be on their 60th pull ok mythic and whiddle the boss down to 2% then 1% with the hype building and the hearts starting to pump, streamers are freakingnout because its about TO GO DOWN !!! *raid boss bubblehearths*
10/18/2018 10:13 PMPosted by Bravefárt
I kinda want to see Method be on their 60th pull ok mythic and whiddle the boss down to 2% then 1% with the hype building and the hearts starting to pump, streamers are freakingnout because its about TO GO DOWN !!! *raid boss bubblehearths*

Oh it should stun the whole raid as well, so the only way to kill the boss is to be a human priest, human racial the stun and mass dispel. Hell yeah.
I'd call for heals under 75%. Complain when I had no backup ("where the heck is everyone? I'm good, but it's me vs 25 here, c'mon people!").

At 50%, I'd start getting out of there. DH mobility is good enough that I can easily get out of LoS and targetability of the vast majority of the raid.

I'd then leave the instance group and get ported out of the dungeon.
Drop pools and fire and you have to /dance on them to soak.

I have three phases where I get healed after each phase back to max.

After the last phase I don’t die I stun everyone and hearth out.

To get the loot you have to pet battle the chest whos only moves are self healing.
Simple one - Every minute I flip the (aggro) table, penalise any new aggro, and try to take down the people in dresses at the back who just wave their arms all the time. Tanks have to quickly re-establish aggro or the healers are in trouble.
The entire raid has to spam mass dispell or my bubble stays up forever and I win.

Oh and I ride a motorcycle in Phase 2.
My main mechanic is Nerf Bat. I apply 5 stacks of Nerf Bat to 1/3 of the raid at random. Each stack reduces dmage/healing/HP by 1%.

I do little damage myself but I continually diminish the damage/healing/HP of enemies over the course of the fight, eventually killing a player at 100 stacks when they lose all their HP.

You cannot defeat me by just bursting me down as Nerf Bat is applied every 5% HP I lose as well as every 10 seconds. At the same time, I do not have a lot of HP either. The only way to effectively kill me is through an extra action button called Nerf Transfer. A player can absorb 1 stack of Nerf Bat every second from a player in exchange for taking the debuff themselves. You must rotate taking large amounts of Nerf Bat and rotating CDs to maximize damage. If you try and be greedy then you will eventually kill yourself or others

At the same time, if you are too slow you will eventually die anyway. You will end up sacrificing people to properly rotate the debuff..... In other words you will have to "Nerf" yourself into the ground :P
Rizzo, Goblin Mob Boss. This takes place on Kezan.

Players arrive at my Club/Casino (the Rizz't) to take down my operation, and find themselves stuck on a dance floor surrounded by a laser barrier.

Phase 1: Dance party led by me with button prompts and disco floor with a grid that changes colors. When lights slow down each member of the raid must be on red colors to soak kaja cola damage, blue colors cause high dmg shock and should be avoided, green is safe to stand on. Mistakes with dance prompts result in random consequences such as 1) players who mess up will "trip" causing aoe damage to nearby players plus 2) disco balls falling on the raid 3) bouncer adds summoned.

I make a break for it and players chase me out of the club, where some vehicles await

Phase 2: Raid must chase me in goblin trikes around/through/over/under the city. 2-3 members per trike, driver can only steer/accelerate while passengers attack. There are oil slicks, ramps, speed boosts and tons of goblin pedestrians who slow you down when run over (but their death animations and screams are hilarious so worth it), passengers can also use bombs to slow me down and also take out groups of pedestrians and barriers to avoid slowing down the raid.

At 30% health my vehicle explodes and the emergency eject takes me to the courtyard of my casino, where goblin npcs -- my former employees -- are on strike against me for unfair wages and building a mech suit to take me down

I get into my own mech suit, helpful goblin engineer npcs nearby provide a mech suit that only 3 players can use: one to drive, one with a shield ability, one with a cannon. After one minute the mech explodes and the players are ejected with damage and debuff to prevent them using the mech again for several mins. Goblin npcs take 2 mins to repair the mech suit before it is available again for other players. One of my mech suits big damage dealers is firing a gnome at the party out of a cannon (and occasionally a panda). Gnomes cause big damage, interrupts spell casting and can trip/daze players if not avoided while they try leave the battle, dizzy and sometimes running in circles.

Execute phase: at 5% health, all the mech suits are rigged to blow! Countdown begins before everything explodes causing full raid wipe. Gnome cannon ability now fires 5 gnomes at a high rate of fire.

After win: players can waste time driving around the city, playing vegas-style slots games in my casino for hilariously bad prizes, or can get into a mech suit and menace goblin civilians but the suit still explodes after a minute.
I Shadowfury everybody.

Then I spam Fel Efflux, and move it like Trilliax on Heroic. PEW PEW.
My attack have a 20 percent chance of removing player tranmog
10/18/2018 10:52 PMPosted by Seger
My attack have a 20 percent chance of removing player tranmog

More evil than g'huun

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