Flex Progression (H) Recruiting 3/8M AOTC

Introduction to Flex Progression:
Flex Progression is the third iteration of a guild first formed during Cataclysm known as SuperNova on the Forgotten Coast. Our core group of raiders have had a particular focus on PvE content since we first met and will look to continue that emphasis going into BFA and beyond. We are a close knit group of friends who have always enjoyed memeing in voice chat; however, Flex Progression would like to do things a bit differently than we have done in the past. Flex Progression will have the most hardcore raiding culture that our guild has ever implemented. Below are the raid rules and raid roster:

Raid Times:
Mythic ----- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8-11 PM EST
Heroic ----- Thursday 8-11 PM EST
Normal ----- Sunday 8-11 PM EST

Raid Rules:
- Every boss pull requires every raider to have a rune, flask, and food buff. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule on Mythic difficulty.
- All DPS will be expected to use three potions per boss pull. One Coastal Healing Potion and two potions specific to your class (potion of intellect, strength, agility, etc.).
- Raiders who are regularly the cause of unnecessary down time may face consequences because the raid leader will place great focus on increasing the total number of boss pulls per raid night.
- When the raid leader or guild master wants Discord silent, be silent.
- If a raider has an issue with any other raider, do not verbalize it in Discord. Please contact Staxotaur to act as the intermediary. Most of the guild doesn't care about your individual drama.
- Please keep criticism constructive. We aren't snowflakes, but constructive criticism is the easiest to implement changes with, so from an efficiency perspective it is preferred.
- Raiders will be expected to complete a +10 mythic dungeon per week.
- All raiders must provide Staxotaur with 2 flasks per raid night to supply the 3 cauldrons for that raid.
- Bind on Equip epic raid drops will be given only to core raiders who need the item as a direct immediate equip for their main spec. Otherwise, all BoE items will be given to the guild bank to finance the supply of raiding materials.

Add me on realid to set up a chat nursy#1406
Still looking. 3rd boss on mythic at less then 20 % on pulls last night.
3/8M now. Looking for ranged still.

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