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It's given me plenty of time to get all the Hallow's End pets.
The content is very cool. I wont say any negatives.

Pirates. A desert. Halloween like area. :D
Kool new mounts
It will be replaced by another expansion.
Their marketing campaign.
Demonology warlock playstyle
Drustvar and Jaina.
I actually really enjoyed the Warfront. *shoot me*
Auction house mount.
I've never had so many screenshots of just... stuff. Like Nazmir for instance. So many pictures of just the ambiance of the place. Great for desktop backgrounds.

Music has been stellar. Artwork always amazing. Zappy boi. That friggin pig (still makes me angry its so cute). Fixed some of the placement issues with my cow's shoulders. The 8.1 orc run anims. Troll stuff.
The art team did a great job on zones & dungeons.

That's about the only positive I can find with this expansion.
Got Legion for free during prepatch.
As usual the art team did a great job.

Some great zones for questing atmosphere such as Drustvar.

The ambient sounds add a lot to immersion, especially in Zulzadar.

I haven't been dismounted once.
Boralus is a pretty cool city.
Flynn. Best NPC in the game!
It makes people literally shake.
It triggers streamers
I love the aesthetics of each zone, specially how day night cycles in Voldun it really feels like a desert

Even when everyone and their mother hates the Azerite system, i can't get enough of its liquid form sometimes i dip myself on that glittery gold and blue pools because is so beautiful and sparkly oh man such a gorgeous liquid.

I like warfronts, enjoy that trash talk nonsense the bosses throw at each other and I'm glad they exist because they make old vanilla zones beautiful

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