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Hello. I am a long time player returning to raiding as a Rogue after something of a hiatus during Legion (I played, but very casually). I had posted last week and had found a great group of people. But unfortunately, one of the raiding days did not work for me and so it was only right that I withdraw. Sadly, I am back to looking for a raid team.

  • I am looking for Alliance only. I am not interested in switching to Horde.
  • I am available Mon through Thur, any time after 5pm PST
  • I am currently only iLevel 340 and only have experience up to N-Prophet Zul.

Beyond those points, I am good to go. I know I am on the low side of gear, but I what I lack in item level, I make up with raid experience, dedication and enthusiasm. I actively raided progression from the release of Molten Core through ICC, and then more a more casual progression from Cataclysm through WoD.

My hope is to join a guild that is progressing into Heroic with a goal of Mythic content, and has an active roster & groups for M+.
Casually Elite 2 is an AotC raiding team part of the guild Convert to Raid on Aerie Peak.

We are about to start into Mythic and would like a few extra solid players to fill our ranks.

Raid Times:
Tuesday and Sunday 7 to 10 (pst)

We also have an alt night where we clear normal raid 7 to 9 on Wednesdays (all are welcome even if you do not raid with us). Mythic + team split on Mondays and Fridays.

If you are interested in joining our team please send a bnet invite to Jovins#1628
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Raid Times:
Tuesday and Sunday 7 to 10 (pst)

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, Sunday is one of the days I am not available to commit to. :(
Looking to bolster our roster for the weekend run and all applicants will be considered!

**DPS Needs Include:** Lock, rogue, demon hunter, shaman (ele or enh w/ resto offspec)

**Team Progress:** 2/8M 8/8H 8/8N

The main Crisp group is US 130, World 399. The intent is to be behind the main core group (seeing as they raid 4-5x/week), but to clear mythic content while relevant.

**Schedule:** The "Rice Crispies" raid Friday and Saturday 5:00-8:00 Pacific (Invites @ 4:45).

**Interested in applying?**

Add Velasca#1991 or jamesmataska#1277 for more information. If you prefer, you may apply at under Rice Crispies. If accepted, there will be a two week trial period. Thanks for checking us out and I look forward to hearing from you!

**Progression Streams (Fri/Sat nights)** (warlock pov) (guardian druid pov)
Hi Mews, we're in the process of converting the roster to a mythic capable one. We're in need of a few more to achieve our goal! I would love to chat with you as I believe you'd be a great fit. Beef#12743 is my B-Tag. I hope to hear from you soon.


Hi everyone!! TAINTEDGUARDIANS 7/8 Heroic, and 10% wipe on G'Huun! is looking to shift focus, and build up a mythic caliber roster!. We raid from Friday - Saturday 8pm to 11pm EST on the Whisperwind Server. The guild has been around for 5+ years now, and has been a mythic guild in the past, and most recently a casual AoTC guild. We recently loss a lot of members going into BfA (Horde allied races) and also some who have decided they don't enjoy the game enough to keep playing. We're now looking to mass recruit, and build up a mythic roster once again!!

What the guild offers you.
  • Reliable raid days/times. The guild knows you make time out of your week to raid therefore it is our obligation to make sure we provide you with that.
  • Mythic plus groups are almost always being formed each, and every night!
  • Flasks/food/gems/enchants etc all provided. We offer this to anyone who makes any sort of contribution to our guild bank.
  • Competitive atmosphere, but always keeping it FUN! We want to push, but we don't want to take away the core of the game. TO HAVE FUN!
  • What we expect from our raiders.
  • Reliability - as was stated above the guild owes you 6 hrs/wk, and you're making the same commitment. Real life comes up, but it hurts the guild as a whole if you need to miss regularly.
  • Preperation/Class knowledge - We're not looking for world 1st recruits, but out of respect for everyone else you're playing with you should have the basics down. Know what your main stats are, have a generally idea about fights going in, etc. Nothing crazy, but it's more of a courtesy to everyone else.
  • The ability to not get easily offended - This is a broad one. Our guild has a lot of fun during our raids. We crack jokes quite a bit, and we're not a pg13 guild. If you know you're easily offended you should probably look elsewhere. To go along with this, constructive criticism is big as well. We'll never yell/attack anyone, BUT if you're standing in fire we will mention it. Nothing personal just the way you get better/progress.
  • Current Recruitment Needs!!
  • Ranged DPS - OPEN
  • Melee DPS - OPEN
  • Tank - OPEN
  • Heals - OPEN
  • Beef#12743 is my B-Tag. I encourage anyone even with a small interest to get a hold of me. I'm not really much of writer, and I would much prefer to actually talk in voice chat. I really do look forward to hearing from you all, and thanks again for taking the time to check us out!

    <<A>> Dark Order <<Duskwood>> is now recruiting core raiding spots for BFA!

    Dark Order is a progression guild where our exceptions for our raiders are hardcore, but our game is not. Our creed is:

    Respect for One Another
    Pitching in Where Needed
    Never Giving Up
    Patience and Understanding is a Must
    Having Fun is Everything

    We are looking for solid Committed Guild Members. I am looking for the following for our core raiding team:

    Raid Days/Times

    A- Team: Tue/Thur 7p - 9p CST (Normal)
    B- Team: Tue/Wed/Thur 9p - 11p CST (Heroic/last boss on Normal for Trinket)

    Dark Order looks at the guild as a whole to make sure that everyone is taken care of to the best of our abilities. We are not looking to rush into anything, in other words we plan to do this on our own dime not the masses dime. We are not looking to keep up with the other guilds/servers we are just looking for great personalities, people who want to have fun, who are committed, dependable, patience, and not afraid of a little challenge.

    Side Note: If you are looking for hardcore playing or you are a elitist guild please keep on looking we are not for you.

    Last but not least and above all else we want to keep the fun in the game! After all this is exactly that -- A GAME! No drama or you will get auto Gkicked

    Yesabella add me to your Battlenet Poohbear41#1912 or email me at or Zebulon#1808
    Hello we are looking to add some dps for mythic raiding.

    We are 8/8H, 2/8M Uldir.

    We raid Tues/weds/thurs from 6-8 PST.

    The big post can be seen here:

    Add my battletag if you would like to chat:

    Windsor (Jan#1213)
    Hello all! Now that RL has settled down, a group of us are looking to get back into semi-hardcore raiding and pushing through Mythic content again.

    Our Raid Lead is a previous top 100 US guild player and the rest of us are solid experienced players with various AOTC and mythic achievements.

    Raid Days: Sunday & Monday [Will consider Tues if we need a third day for new content]
    Raid Times: 9pm-11pm CST; we pull quickly!

    - Know your class/spec and be prepared for raids, or you'll sit out [sorry!]
    - Team > self attitude
    - Helpful and respectful to everyone
    - No cliques/drama

    For raiding, we NEED:
    - DPS with OS as tank (MT positions are filled)
    - 1 DPS with OS as heals
    - 1-2 healers for Mythic (currently have priest/druid/pally)
    - Ranged DPS; (lock/mage would be nice.. haven't seen those in a while!)
    - All skilled and versatile players will be considered!

    Other info:
    - Currently have a Community set up until Mythic ready
    - We use Discord
    - Working on website for application purposes
    - We are taking our time recruiting the RIGHT people for Mythic content!

    Questions? Feel free to msg me on bnet: Ashley1640#1792
    ** Yes, I'm posting on an alt for privacy until we make the move!
    About <REGENCY> on Mal'Ganis, Horde
    Regency is an adult mythic raiding guild encompassing a community of raid teams dedicated to cultivating an enjoyable atmosphere for gaming. Our teams retain their own autonomy (their own name, officers, loot rules etc.) while also benefiting from a community that is eager to provide assistance and support as needed.

    We are built upon three core pillars that sustain and enrich our community: collaboration, respect, and inclusivity. With these we care for and help the community grow while also slaying dragons in Azeroth.

    2/8 Mythic Uldir
    8/8 Heroic Uldir
    10/11 Mythic Antorus

    Due to the mature nature of our atmosphere, we prefer all applicants to be 18+.

    Check out our website for individual team needs and progression or hop in our discord to contact a recruiter immediately! All teams currently recruiting for BFA!



    Raid Teams
    Legends of Chaos - Mythic Raid Team
    Progression: 2/8 Mythic Uldir
    Time: 7pm to 10pm CST
    Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

    Apocrypha - Mythic Raid Team
    Progression: 8/8 Heroic Uldir
    Time: 9:30pm to 1am CST
    Days: Wednesday, Thursday

    Dirty Sand Skeletons - Mythic Raid Team
    Progression: 5/8 Heroic Uldir
    Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm CST
    Days: Tuesday, Thursday

    Repulsion - Mythic Raid Team
    Progression: 7/8 Heroic Uldir, 7/8 Normal Uldir
    Times: 9pm to 12am CST
    Days: Tuesday, Wednesday

    Misfits - Heroic Raid Team
    Progression: 1/8 Mythic Uldir
    Times: 7:30pm to 10:30pm CST
    Days: Friday, Saturday

    Hallowed Ground - Mythic Raid Team
    Progression: 2/8 Mythic Uldir
    Times: 11pm to 2am CST
    Days: Friday, Saturday

    Recruitment Admin: Rynoir (Btag: ClaireBear#1202, Discord: Symmone#2172)

    My guild <Of Hells Design> on Whisperwind (A) is looking for members to add to our mythic raiding roster. Currently we are in need of healers and strong DPS. We are 8/8H 1/8M. We are a serious but casual raiding guild that focuses on enjoying our progression while maintaining a high level of play. Many of the members in OHD are veteran players that have played at higher levels of pvp and raiding over the years in addition to many newcomers.

    Our raid times are T/W/TH 8:30pm EST to 11:30pm EST. We almost never go over the end time unless we are close to a kill. If you would like to learn more about us please see our recruitment thread in the link below. Or check out my stream/youtube channel where I post our guild raids and other related content.

    Btag: Ysosrslawl#1721
    Guild Recruitment:

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