Shadow 8.1 changes

do not expect spriest to be near good this xpac
Idk if anyone else has done any testing on the ptr, but after hitting dummies for quite a while I did 200 more dps as shadow on the ptr compared to live. Seriously so let down right now and it still plays like crap.
If I'm doing the math right the changes net out to a 4.2% decrease in damage outside of void form and 4.5% increase in damage done during void form, in addition to slight more time spent in void form.
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10/24/2018 08:43 AMPosted by Motrin
Edge of Insanity is one of the weirdest talents I've ever seen. Voidform is supposed to be the core of the spec's gameplay and theres a talent where WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO USE IT?

Additionally, if its not OP no one would ever use it. But if its actually good enough for people to take it (now), it needs a nerf (8.1). EoI's very existence in the game is stupid and the person who suggested it should be fired.

So letting players leave a garbage tier mechanic that they strongly dislike is bad game design? I never did think anyone could be worse than our current game designers, but man you sure showed me.

Edit: that was a little aggressive. I’m sorry. The point remains that I still STRONGLY disagree with you.

Im saying the core mechanic of our spec, void form, is bad overall and is too easily countered to have real impact in pvp, so they made a talent that gives a damage and defense bonus when we dont use the core mechanic of our spec. Thats crazy design! How about either fixing or scrapping void form?

And Surrender to Madness was just as crazy! It worked in one situation in all of wow, on a raid boss! A top tier talent! And it had to be crazy op for anyone to use it at all. Its still there, but at least it doesnt kill you now.

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