Say one good thing about Battle for Azeroth !

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Pretty, questing was excellent.
Well for me it was exciting. See I met this person in game. I thought it was a guy like me. said he wanted to met up ay bar for pool tonight. When she showed up I was shocked to say the least. Still pretty good night. not a bad person. well if only that happen. this game sucks.
I saved $50 by not buying it.
Its not Ebola...
As every new WoW expansion does, it seems to have a knack for sending terrible people into a tizzy.
This too shall pass.
It is at this day the more developed beta ever!

Oh wait...
It gave me more time to play Path of Exile.
10/24/2018 06:54 PMPosted by Atiog
I love all the Zones, Story, Music, And I guess the challange of Mythic plus if I ever get the urge to feel hardcore instead of the casual that I am every now and then.

Drustvar is magnificent!! The rest of kultiras is pretty nice too! I like the prospect of racial/themed armor as well. (Alliance plate set is Boss-simple yet refreshing)

Ret is totally fun again too.
I got to play WoW for the first time.
I met some really nice players.
I like Forsaken.

Crap, that's three things isn't it?
Beautiful zones, music.

That is a real shame that these are the only truly great thing's it has going for it.
Leveling and server stability at launch were good. Also, I made enough gold in the first couple of weeks by selling herbs and ore that I no longer have to pay money for the game and have enough blizzard balance to buy Diablo 4 or whatever.
The questing zones are so much better. It's a breath of fresh air after WoD and legion where every single piece of landscape felt like they were specifically designed to waste my time navigating them.
Leveling the first time was fun!
I have made over 12 million gold fleecing raiders with herbs in BFA allowing me to buy the Longboi and the Bloodfang Widow.
Visuals are amazing.
I'm enjoying it. Took me 6 other 120s before I found a class I was enjoying this expansion but now I'm having fun. 8.1 is full of positive changes for many classes, the option to not assist saurfang is 10/10 (the saurfang army will claim otherwise though), warmode would be great if they gave it more love.
It will make leaving for classic easy
I made a few good friends in bfa.

some forum ones too.

Yes, you as well swift.
The best thing about BFA is that now I have much more time for doing stuff in real life. The game became so boring that I simply don't log in anymore. I'm kinda happy and sad at the same time

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