Issues Unlocking Mag'har Orcs

I recently unlocked the reputation to unlock Mag'har Orcs. While doing the quest line I noticed a lot of issues that I think need addressing.

  • First and foremost, it seems like it is majorly over-tuned. This is coming from someone who used to mythic raid and currently has started raiding again in the form of heroic, so this isn't just "some LFR hero who doesn't know what they're talking about". I was able to do it as a BM hunter thanks to my pet but even it was taking a thrashing. I feel like a lot of other classes would really struggle. I don't believe it's designed to be a 'challenge' as such because none of the other allied race quest lines were like this at all in regards to the difficulty.
  • Next issue I have, and this is really a small one by comparison, is the lack of portals to each place you have to go. This wouldn't bother me really aside from the fact you are talking to races that have access to portals and teleportation. It even says this in the quest text multiple times. Why not utilize that instead of having to run every which way and wait for hearths to come off cool-down to get to the next place? Honestly it's a bit ridiculous.
  • Yeah it needs retuning for sure. I cannot do it on my warrior I wish I had a hunter horde side so I could complete it. I also agree about the portals. It would be one thing if this was end game content. It's an additional race for pity sakes which, after you unlock it, you have to level to 120 anyway. It needs to be looked at for sure.
    I managed to have a few issues with this as well for awhile. My Gearscore right now is around 350ish. I went from Arms to Fury for the sake of having abilities to heal up. As far as Gul'dan goes, I brought food with me, potions, and bandages for the A LOT of bandages, and a few BFA level augment runes. From there I rushed in, used my rotation, tried to get the mechanics but still had issues with Death Coil. Used Heroic Leap to get outside of his blast radius without resetting the fight and he stayed put with what health I whittled down. Healed up with potion, grabbed a bandage, went in again.. Used bandage, waited, Gul'dan was still at where I had him and his abilities didn't affect me because I was out of his warpath but he was still yelling.. and went in and repeated until I got him. Took me about..15ish minutes?

    Zaela is super easy. Used Fury's abilities to self heal myself and beat her down. Garrosh I kited up the ramp, slowly to get away from the iron stars and tried to stay away from Whirlwind as best as i could. He was pretty easy. The Gul'dan fight sucks though but be patient with yourself and bring healing items. Also don't rush in expecting him to beat him face to face. Retreat to heal then rush in again. Prepare to do this a lot. Good luck guys.
    I think a significant issue is that the difficulty can vary dramatically based simply on which class you end up doing the unlock on. Gul'dan was completely trivial as a disc priest. (Although he took forever.) I had a harder time with Garrosh, as I had to actually work out a strategy for his mechanics and deal with him resetting.
    I tried it on my main, which is a Demon Hunter. Fail.

    I'm working on my Priest to see if I can do it with her, and so far fail. Her gear is 335 so I'm still going to work on it and try again.
    Don't give up on this! I finally got my Discipline Priest gear leveled to 340 and gave it another shot and made it last night. I gave those dudes all I had and went firing at them in circles backwards but made it ok, including Gar'rosh. My Mag'har Orc is lovely. :)

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