Guardian Mains?

People that main guardian druids, I'm curious why?

Thank you!
I did it for since BC till this expansion. This was the expansion that I couldn't do it anymore the GCD really killed it. Along with the feeling so weak. I tried paladin tanking and have really enjoyed the change. I have high hopes they make some huge changes to druid but I don't see it happening.
I'm maining Guardian for the first time this xpac explicitly because of warmode and being on alliance so you're basically always going to be outnumbered.

I had planned on maining WW monk again, however they are pretty weak atm and I wasnt having a lot of fun. I decided to level my druid, planning on going feral.
For some reason around level 116 I switched to guardian just to have a look and I was herbing while filling out my action bars and figuring out keybinds when I got jumped by a level 120 feral.
I had frenzied regen, barkskin, mangle, thrash and maybe another ability or two on my action bars and just a couple of those bound to keys.
The feral was not great, I'm not going to kid myself, however, he pounced and got his bleeds up etc so he wasnt completely braindead. But either way I ended up killing him after about 5 minutes of spamming my few abilities that I had available.
2 minutes later he pounced again but I had a few more abilities bound and I ended up killing him again even quicker.
He eventually waited until I'd pulled a few mobs then he pounced and ended up killing me after another long fight.
Either way I realized how much punishment a bear can take and I was hooked.
I looked into it and have spent all my time on wow since figuring out builds and strats for wpvping as guardian.
I've yet to lose a 1v1 (more than a few have run away though) I have not been killed by any 2 or 3v1 (If they have a healer or a decent hybrid I probably wont kill any of them either)

It's been a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to those damage buffs in 8.1.

Between travel form and stealth and the self sustainability, guardian makes for a real badass wpvp and BG spec.
Have mained this toon since WOTLK i love druids, love their lore, their shape shifting and the tanking is fun imo I have tried other tanks (DKs, paladin, DH) and I find them very boring compared to Druid.
Same class 4 like 10 years or something. Objectively not a decent reason.
I've always loved the shape shifting element of druids. Played since the end of BC and even druid was to be crap forever and a day I would still main a druid. Love being a tank and I have had no issues tanking at all.
Mostly because I like playing the underdog, played blood dk in lich as well back when "dks can't tank". Now it's druids can't tank but they can if you know how to prioritize stats and CDs.
I like joining my weekly M+10 and people telling me that they thought Guardian sucked but I changed their mind about it. People don't expect much and are often surprised.
Because as a former Rogue main, I love being able to sneak past enemies I don't want to fight or vanishing if things go south. As far as raid, I'm sometimes the only Brez, and BDK is too slow and boring. Nor do I cater to FOTM.
For the same reason half the guardians in the game play druid tank: Because blizzard refuses to properly buff feral.

We are waiting and gearing as guardian in the hope that one day we can shed the bear and bring forth the cat.
Not my current main, but I still play guardian because I absolutely love the Hulk Bear... And it was the first class I learned to tank on back in BC. I also have always enjoyed the QoL the bear brings to tanking, it's very simplistic and allows for better situational awareness.

Also, despite what people say about DHs, I believe we're still top picks for flag runners in bgs
Also, despite what people say about DHs, I believe we're still top picks for flag runners in bgs

The best ive seen was Guardian running beside a DH FC.
With PotP, Demo roar, den mother, roots/typhoon and resto affinity we are super good at peeling and reducing incoming damage. Of course you're giving up on an extra dps to do that but it's pretty great and also gives your healers extra protection as well.

Trouble with bear as the fc is that to use lots of our utility and speed we have to leave form and that can mess you up real bad if you get caught in a stun or w/e.

Now I'm also sure this isnt a thing in high rated RBGs however when I go into a random bg and people tell me to run the flag I usually say 'no let the DH/rogue/warrior run the flag and I'll run beside him' and that usually works out better.

Typhoon is sweet too cause when your FC is just about to drop you can blast everyone out of the way and pick up the flag yourself.
Guardian has the worst dps of any tank spec (by a lot) but good mitigation. It is also a pain/impossible to get properly itemized gear on a guardian druid
This character has been my main since late Vanilla. It's mostly habit now; I'm attached to this squishy bear and don't want to give up on it.

I'm aware of our weakness relative to most other tanks, but I'm still enjoying tanking heroic Uldir and praying for some meaningful buffs (what we've received so far on the PTR isn't enough).

I have recently been spending more and more time on my paladin alt, though. While my druid has a noticeable ilvl advantage, I'm sad to admit that tanking on the paladin is a bit more enjoyable. The increased level of mob control and magic damage mitigation is hard not to appreciate.
I've been main'ing bear since cata, almost 9 years now. I'm having a hard time giving up on it - I'd sooner unsub than reroll to something else if we don't get the buffs we desperately need in 8.1.
For mythic+

Try to get some additional healing azerite traits (impassive vissage is about 500-600hps each just for example) and go earthwarden. Right now I do between 7000-8000 hps on average, picking up the shoulders off the ah world boss would be another 1000hps.

Then stack haste/versitility as much as possible, at least on logs this setup tends to look like it's over performing for healing, DPS, and lower damage taken right now.

With this spec, we take the same effective damage as a DK (damage taken - self healing) and do about 10-15% less DPS... Which should be remided in 8.1, we still wont have as much utility... Bear hug or something that let you grab a mob and drag it to a new location would be cool and an offensive CD like rots
Druids are actually not in as bad a place as they are often made out unless you happen to be running at the very leading edge of content. People read the top echelon of players complain and then complain themselves without every seeing the same issues because they don't do that level of content.

Bears need a DPS buff, they need some extra utility and are a little squishy but played right they still perform well for most content the vast majority will be doing. (Feral is definitely behind the curve though). Often it is more a case of tailoring playstyle and gearing to offset some of the issues. As Naturesgift says above, stack some healing pieces and vers and it really will help. Obviously this then relies on RNG luck but still possible to make your bear a little more survivable.
10/31/2018 10:52 PMPosted by Naturesgift

With this spec, we take the same effective damage as a DK (damage taken - self healing)

Not even close. DKs are effectively invincible during bonestorm right now, which means their self-healing can be concentrated during large pulls or the early parts of a dangerous pull. Druid self-healing can't be concentrated during useful times.

I've seen DKs pull 3 packs and barely take damage thanks to bonestorm & D&D slow. A bear doing the same would explode.

They're ok in raid, but have huge M+ weaknesses.
Because I'm having fun.
10/31/2018 10:52 PMPosted by Naturesgift
Then stack haste/versitility as much as possible, at least on logs this setup tends to look like it's over performing for healing, DPS, and lower damage taken right now.

Why haste, though? I thought the meta for guardian druid secondary stats was mast or vers to a certain breakpoint of mast/vers combined, then vers all the way after that breakpoint for raw mitigation.

On topic: I used to main Guardian druid because I really liked ripping everything to shreds with my werebear hands. The BFA changes killed the spec's appeal to me, though. :/ I miss rage of the sleeper most of all.

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