[H] <smh my head> 2/8M LFM or LF Merger

<smh my head> is a casual raiding guild looking to go semi-hardcore and try a more competitive raid environment. We currently raid Tu/Th 6-9PM server time and actively run M+ during the weekends. Looking for anyone ready to start Mythic progression. Mainly looking for an additional tank and dps (hunters and boomkins preferred). However, anyone is welcome to join and trial anytime.

We are mainly composed of young adults balancing work, school, and hobbies, so we understand life and emergencies happen. Therefore, we feel the need of having as many raiders as possible to always maintain a 20man roster on raid nights.

We are also open to merging with another 2/8M guild; unfortunately, raid times and days are not flexible as a lot of our members are on eastern and central times.

Please feel free to add/message me Lucassi#1983.

Our recent logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/f9PGbmCWqHLavJ7Q/
I would say your logs are kinda low but thats my opinion. I think we can make you better or visa versa. We have one group going 3/8 so far and have about another 10 people wanting in that we sub in for taloc and mother. Why dont you join us and trim your fat? You guys can lead the second group on your own raid schedule and we will just provide the players and mats for all your raids.

Hit me up nursy#1406

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