Do missed finishers still cost energy?

I've been having troubles vs rogues and demon hunters where I go to maim them... but I miss because they have evasion or else wise up. My combo points still seem to be there, but there's too much happening for me to register if my energy stays or not, or if it's just the gcd screwing me over.

Sometimes I wish it would just burn the points and let me get that regrowth off.
Yes. Same as resources wasted when nullified, dodged...etc for other classes. Sucks as feral and rogue when energy starved.
Welp, that sucks but it's good to know. Just going to have to work around that then I guess...

Thank you for the reply!
It's been a long time since I thought about this, but I'm almost certain it's a reduced energy cost if it fails.

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