Shaman Tank

Why not? Garbage tier tank spec to add to the list of garbage tier roles the class already has. Worst healer, worst ranged, (arguably, MM still pretty awful) and worst melee. Might as well have the worst tank too.

But really, never gonna happen, because the “team” that designs changes for shamans are just phoning it in at this point.
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I think they would remove enhance to do it.

I would be so pissed. I have played enhancement since 1.0. This is my favorite spec, no matter how it fairs against other classes. I'm not one for "I quit" posts, I make fun of them a lot, but I would definitely stop playing. Not out of spite, I may stick around on my pally for a while, but from boredom. Every time I've taken a break from WoW, I get bored playing the class I was playing, and when I come back, it's always to enhancement.

they need to make it 2h as well
I'd like this so much.

It would make perfect sense to make a 4th tank spec for shamans.

And for those saying it wouldn't change anything for the Queues i'll say that :
Putting another class that can range dps , melee dps, heal AND tank would help a lot with the current state of multi specs.
Like I said, they would remove enhance to do it. Some reasons:

-I think they will be unwilling to add specs to classes. They've said, in hindsight, that they wish they just had two specs for each class. For whatever reason, Blizz can't balance this many specs in a way that the community approves.

-Enhance is kind of a mess. It's not really an archetype. It seems it's always too powerful or too weak. Its niche is not defined expansion to expansion. Windfury is the core mechanic and it creates a lot of problems for balancing.

-They've rebooted enhancement 3x. People generally liked every changed version except the loss of the 2 hander build back in Vanilla that everyone romanticizes.

-They deleted survival and started over, so there is a precedence for it.

-They need more tanks...apparently. I still don't understand why they keep adding tank classes when the problem is not the number of's that pug tanking kinda sucks...especially when you make them so dependent on healers.

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