The Friend Zone 5/8H-2/8M LFM

The Friend Zone is rebuilding after our former guild suddenly disbanded. Our goal is to provide a friendly fast paced yet relaxed raiding environment focus on progression. Our current members are 5/8H and 2/8M in former/current alt guilds. The plan so far is to recruit to clear heroic while we recruit to move into mythic.

If you are new to the game or just new to raiding in general we believe that anyone can learn and progress with the right push, so please don't let your experience level stop you from enjoying Warcraft's amazing raid content.

As a guild we will supply repairs, flasks, food and enchants for raiders at no cost however donations are always welcomes. To those that do donate we will have a monthly drawing to give away a wow token.

Our current needs as we rebuild include 1-2 tanks, 2-3 healers and a mix of dps.
Our raid times will be 7pm-10pm PST Sat-Sun, times may change depending on consensus of the raid team.

Btag Redwolfrain#1406

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