4am is not 5am

Calendar clearly says the weekend event ends at 5am. It's 4am and you removed the quest. I was at 3/4 and had an hour remaining to do the last one, per your singular source published to the player regarding the quest expiration.

I know what the underlying problem is. Don't bother pointing that out. 14 YEARS, and you still don't know how to program for daylight savings time? Fix this. And next week, it shows 5am too. Guessing that'll be wrong as well. But the week after shows 4am? Your computers don't know when DST toggles?

Why are we even dealing with this? Do you want 4am or 5am; there's no reason for it not to be the same 365 a year.
Blizzard has never changed the reset times with daylight savings.

Every 6 months the reset times will change by an hour.
Blizzard has a perfect record of not understanding daylight savings every year since 2007. It is doubly unsurprising this year since it was Blizzcon the same weekend.

I suspect they think Irvine is actually in Arizona rather than Cali.

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