<A> Budgie Smugglers Casual Social Guild

Hello Lightbringer players, Budgie Smugglers desires to welcome fresh faces, new players, returning addicts, and old veterans to the Lightbringer community and into our guild.

We hope to begin increasing the number of guild members into our guild community, and to help all members to enjoy all available aspects of the game, everything from PVE to PVP, transmog to lore, dungeons to eventual raiding, battle pets to mount hunting. We hope to include it all for everyone's enjoyment.

Please be advised we would be considered a casual guild, we have older players and all members have lives outside of wow that take importance over the game sometimes. But all are helpful and willing to jump in to make you feel at home.

Also be advised that as a casual guild, the desire is to be able to raid with our guild community, as we are actively building at this time, we wouldn't be able to commit to a raid schedule, but this can change very quickly.

All level of players are welcome, regardless of skill level, time in game, or whether or not you have fatboss tv surgically implanted into your temple.

Our intent is to bring back the sense of community and familiarity that has been lost with the game, due to different circumstances. We hope that you'll consider us when looking through the forums as you search for a new home, and wish you good luck and fun in your adventures in Azeroth!

P.S. If you are interested, anyone in guild can answer any questions you may have, or you contact me through this character or add me at Zellypoof#1861 , thank you!

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