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As the title says
either boomy 376ilvl or shadow 360ilvl,Looking for a new home to raid,raided with RL friends and I guess it just didn't work out for us unfortuantly.I am a previous Mythic raider who usually ventures Deep into mythic Progression so looking for a team on the same page as myself,Feel free to check all the logs I have under the guild <incompetent> usually parsing 85% upwards(not that parses mean anything)looking for something 8pm onwards preferably two days but if the shoe fits
Hi friend,

We're 8/8H, 3/8M. Raids are Wed/Thur 8-11ST.

Started off as a bunch of mates raiding heroic, but it got too easy too quick so making our way through mythic. Need some more good people for numbers!

Add me to BNet for a chat:

Hi jimmy we could fit you in. 3/8m x3 nights 930-12pm. Hit me up uf keen.

Yo, from one Jimmy to another, come chat to me about raids. Jim#14149 is my btag, Heals by Jim#6320 is my discord. We raid Wed/Thurs/Mon 8-11pm, aiming to CE every tier.
Bump still looking for a new home

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