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11/08/2018 08:32 PMPosted by Randolthor
I could never really get into it. I still haven't played a mobile game that has really hooked me for longer than, say, a week or two. On top of that, even if I did find that mobile game that really hit the sweet spot, I ultimately hate touch screen controls so it wouldn't really matter.

That's one of my major things about Diablo: Immortal. Even if Blizzard somehow manages to make a fantastic, authentic Diablo experience on a mobile phone, I probably still won't like it simply because I hate trying to play games on a touch screen. Give me a controller at least, but if I'm lugging a controller around (even assuming it ends up working well enough) and suddenly mobile gaming isn't as mobile.

Give Lineage 2 Revolution a try, it may surprise you. The game has auto play but it’s a lot complex.
Mobile gaming to me isn't very appealing. Most of them are bogged down with ads and other's have micro transactions that make the game almost not fun when you don't buy them. Lots of apps have both of those qualities.

The only game I've genuinely got invested into is that new Harry Potter game that's super fun, but alas, you either wait long periods of time to complete quests or pay money to do it right away. I eventually deleted it.

Games like candy crush and angry birds are fun on mobile because they were made for mobile due to having simpler mechanics. Putting Diablo or any other PC game onto a phone, in my opinion, is wasted energy that can instead be used on creating an expansion or a whole new game.

It would not surprise me if mobile gaming is very popular, because we practically use our phones for everything. Calls, texts, camera, social media, stocks, GPS, time, calculator, music- everything. I feel that some people like the convenience that mobile gaming brings, because you always have your cell phone everywhere you go.
You know when I got my Android phone it had Sonic CD on it, a relic from an ancient era.

As I already have that game on a PC emulator, I simply deleted it off my phone to make more room on my phone.
I think mobile gets a bad rap because it has been so saturated with the predatory micro transaction games in the past. They aren't all like that though.

I think assuming all mobile games are just cash grabs just because they are mobile is short sighted and bad for the industry as a whole.

We may not be big mobile gamers but that market is huge and it's growing faster than PC or console and it isn't going away. What we need to be doing is encouraging devs like Blizzard to do mobile games right so that it grows into something we can enjoy. Not just assume, oh it's a mobile game it's going to be garbage, just ignore it and scream at Blizz that you don't want it.

More and more people are leaving PCs behind and are using smart phones and tablets as their primary computer devices. For the last couple years the tech industry has been predicting and pushing toward the idea that in 10 to 15 years PC won't exist anymore. Everything will be on a handheld device of some sort. And if PCs go, so do consoles.

At this point it would be irresponsible for Blizz not to start developing more for mobile because that is where the game industry is heading and to not get in now and establish themselves as a major defining power in the market would be suicide in the long run.

We want Blizzard making mobile games because if they aren't then we are letting the garbage predatory mobile game makers shape our future. And no matter how bad Blizz has gotten over the last few years, I still trust them more than I do the companies making most of the mobile games now.
I dabble in it once in a blue moon while I do love to play my PS4,my 360 and my PC I can't take them with me to work or on a train and my 3DS went to the big Nintendo Store in the sky a while back and have no idea where the Hells my PSP went to. I found some phone games that are actually fair with methods to where you don't need to shell out money to get all the nice things. Pokemon Go is pretty fair,just remember to hit up poke stops,older PS1 ports obviously,Fire Emblem so far hasn't really given me any bad vibes,Skull Girls plays the same way it does on consoles and STEAM and Yugioh Duel Links is a great way to pass the time without worrying about getting an actual deck stolen by some douche canoe. To my understanding the mobile port of Runescape also appears to be doing pretty well may dabble for giggles.
Mobile gaming sucks. Thanks for reading my in depth post.
Well, I play Hearthstone on mobile. Other than that, mobile gaming isn't my thing.
I used to love Kairosoft’s sim/rpg games before they jumped on the microtransaction bandwagon but other than that not me.
I play mobile games. I spend most of my time at work or away from home so they keep me occupied
(cause i am a fan of the FE series)

F2P as no mobile game lasts that long before beign shut down.
11/08/2018 08:19 PMPosted by Torren
Per the new announcements and the summary on MMO I'm legit curious, how many people really play mobile games?
I think what makes people mad about this is the fact that WE don't play them—we, the loyal paying fans—and that it feels like blizz is brushing us to the side to try and bring in new players. They want to capitalize on a big market and I can understand that but they need to remember we like our PC games and we pay for PC games...

Try new stuff, sure, but don't stop putting Major Effort into the stuff thats already a popular thing
Those damn young people. I can't focus on a 3.5 - 4 inch screen for a game for any real amount of time.
11/08/2018 08:33 PMPosted by Adva
I started with a keen interest. Played some really cool stuff like Sword & Sworcery. Unfortunately started playing F2P stuff, discovering paywalls, loot boxes, etc etc. That just soured me on the whole format.

This, it is not an appealing format for games to grow and develop. I have played mobile games from other developers like SE... and trust me thinking that the mobile game industry needs more big devs to fix it is... optimistic. Square is gatcha to the extreme.

The "mobile growth" is always flawed... you can't rely on a couple of whales forever.

11/08/2018 09:28 PMPosted by Angrim
I used to love Kairosoft’s sim/rpg games before they jumped on the microtransaction bandwagon but other than that not me.

Greed corrupts nearly every mobile developer eventually.
I play MANY.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
Mobius Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy Explorers Force (Japan only for now?)
Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia (JP version)
Kingdom Hearts Unchained X
Pokemon Go
Dragon Ball Bucchigiri Match (Japan only)
Animal Crossing

Ok ok, to be fair I've only been logging in for the log in bonuses on these because between work and wow I barely have time; so the two games I actually play on mobile are
Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle
Fire Emblem Heroes
11/08/2018 08:19 PMPosted by Torren
Per the new announcements and the summary on MMO I'm legit curious, how many people really play mobile games?

This one comment really got me the most:

"Blizzard's approach to mobile gaming comes from many people over the last few years shifting away from playing primarily on desktop to playing many hours on mobile."

Is this actually true? I personally don't see this so I won't dismiss it as true, but sad to see this is happening if so. I can't stand my phone as it is. The last phone game I played was probably Words with Friends or something.

The game isn't made for us, it is being made for the chinese. Many of them spend 3 to 4 hours on a train ride for work every day.
Quite a few people do. I have quite a few family members that
dont have a console, or a PC. All of their gaming is done on
their phones and tablets.
People who like shallow gameplay and being milked for money.
I see it on transport like trains and planes. But world wide I bet its got a big audience from people who may not have other devices - lots of people have phones but not everyone has a console, PC, etc. especially as time goes on.
I mean.... I like to play mobile games, but im not really feeling playing a worse version of diablo 3 which I already play on my computer.

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