Who actually mobile games?

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My entire mobile gaming experience is solely crosswords and other puzzle games at night when I'm getting ready for bed.
I doubt it's as much of a shift in usage as it's a new demographic. If you saw ATVI's summary during their conference call today Candy Crush was a pretty big bullet point. I suspect they see mobile games as the new means of growth for them, hence a greater prioritization on mobile projects. Of course saying "A shift to mobile gaming" sounds much more appealing than "We want to make more money".
My phone battery is slowly getting less and less capacity and I tend to get motion sickness easily so I can't really use it to game while in transit which is where most people seem to use their phones when not at home or work or school.
I sometimes play Hearthstone on my phone, but that's about it. I've tried a few other mobile games, but they didn't really translate well to the small screen for my old eyes.

Edit: I also used to play a lot of Angry Birds. Until they angered me.
The only mobile games i've ever played have been on a dedicated gaming system.

Gaming on a cell phone that already struggles to maintain battery life through regular calls/texts/apps in a day is not something that appeals to me.

If I'm going to travel long enough to play a mobile game it'll be on my Switch.
When I was a little younger I played tons of mobile games.

Now I just mindlessly scroll through social media looking for acceptance like all the other sheep

Ha ha ha
I have spent numerous hours playing Plague inc.
Only when !@#$ting. Can't play for more than 5 minutes and I would never spend money on it.
The only mobile games i have ever played are puzzle games like flow. if i wanted an immersive experience i have a pretty good pc & nice battle station setup for that. The fact blizzard is moving their "best" devs onto mobile projects just makes me look to other more dedicated devs like [DE].
I do. I mainly play logic/puzzle games but I have been put on to Summoners War, Hit, and Astromons (like Pokemon). I currently live in Korea, though. Mobile games are immensely popular and are typically very well done.
I don't think I've ever installed or played a mobile game. Reason being I have a gaming laptop for a reason.
I didn't have a phone that could do mobile games until like... last year.

And even then, it was just the WoW Companion App, tumblr, and Pokemon GO.

I have a sudoku app on my phone, for y'know.... The few times when I've burned through all my webpage reloads, youtube videos, and have 5 minutes to stare at numbers.

That's it, 'game' wise. I've tried others, tried to download some but always end up deleting them because they never hold my attention more than a single session.
i used to play the marvel future fight for 2 years. I was surprise by the community, they spent 100 dollars every month like it was change in their wallet. I spent only 21 dollars on it.
I have tried some stuff over the years, nothing really grabs my attention. Funny thing is I once had a 3DS XL that I sold off because I never used it. Even had some of my favorite types of games like Pokemon and Fire Emblem but the reality is that I just did not like playing games in that format anymore like I did when I was young.

My problem with mobile gaming is that is takes on a format I am already not a fan of anymore and then the way most mobile games are with micro transactions, it really just does not suit me anymore.

Honestly I think I stopped finding much joy in the mobile gaming scene as I got older and no longer had to travel to a grandparents house where I would be bored and what not. Additionally as I got older I found joy in actually talking to my family as an adult typically does. I don't take any public transportation anywhere and I live really close by work so my life is really just going to work and then coming home to my PC and 24 inch monitors.
I have played a couple of mobile games in the past on my old amazon fire but now I don't at all on my phone. I find even my 7 inch screen too small to reasonably play even hearthstone.
Tbh, I am more interested in getting the full version of Diablo 3 the Diablo 3 expansion and the Starcraft 2 campaigns, I've just been holding off because they made Act 1 free on Diablo 3, and made Terran Campaign free on Starcraft 2, so it has me wondering if they will come out free in future but I don't know lol

To me the main Blizzard games are Warcraft/Diablo/Starcraft PC games, always have been, everything else is just...extra stuff.
I love the idea of gaming on my phone. Though the fact of the matter is that the ergonomics are atrocious. At least for serious gaming.
I play Pokemon Go every couple of months or so, and Hearthstone about every other expansion. Outside of that? When I'm using my phone, there's about a hundred thousand other things I'd rather do than a mobile game...which are usually barebones grindfests crammed with micro transactions.
I have a question, would it actually be possible to play wow on your mobile phone?

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