Forums are useless, cant get technical support.

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PC LOAD LETTER??!?!?!?!?
Ladles, I've looked in both of your threads and you've provided almost no information except the most absolute basic description of the problem (in this thread, ironically and not in either of your other threads in the TS forum).

At a minimum you'll need to provide both a more detailed description and your dxdiag info (Windows) in order to get proper assistance from the tech support agents and MVPs.

Obtaining DXDiag and other system files:

When putting your dxdiag information into a forum post, please use the code tags to encapsulate it. This is most easily done by pasting the DXDiag info into the forum text field before you type anything else into it, then pressing CTRL-A and then clicking the </> button in the editor control bar just below the text field. From there you can finish typing out the post with the description put above the DXDiag section.

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