The Bone Collector

Now that Ashran is removed, how on Earth are we supposed to collect 4,000 broken bones? Any way to get this done or should we hope Ashran comes back?
Open World PvP in Draenor / Warmode in Draenor.
It’s almost impossible to get that many through World PvP in a reasonable amount of time. I’m not whining. Everyone says so. Try it for yourself. Ashran was easy.
I didn't say it was easy or would take a reasonable amount of time - just saying it's possible (which is why its still an achievement in the game). I'm glad I was able to get mine done in Ashran.

There may be groups forming to do this - I have not looked. You'd probably need to check on some PvP centric websites / discords.

They said Ashran may come back.

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