Xantim spriest pvp movies

Does anyone still put out shadow priest pvp movies like xantim did, or the cobrak equivalent for spriests? I searched youtube and all i got was some toxic player named hurpdurp whose content i can barely stomach (how does one block youtube content makes?) Anyway, any pointers would be great!
Could try Aboniwow. Not exactly what you're looking for. However he's a nontoxic and high ranked spriest. His vids are entertaining at the very least.
As for blocking on YouTube app. Go to the main channel and look at top right corner. You'll see a vertical row of 3 dots. Click at and block user. If you're on pc then idk offhand. I don't watch YouTube on pc much.
Thank you! Will check aboni out!
Oh, i was also looking for videos with elements of cobrak (warlock) or sparticle (mage) - adding music and funky 1v2s to his game. Aboni is awesome and fact driven - anyone with a stylistic bent to complement?
If you find one I'd like to watch it. The current iteration of shadow doesn't really seem like it can make for very exciting vids.
Anboni is also a thumbnail god, definitely my favorite shadow priest youtuber/streamer. (Maybe the only one...)
I like watching Wizk stream but he’s more ‘about his business’ than he is having fun making vids and whatnot. Goes online, queues 3s for 1.5 hours and logs off. Occasionally answers questions between matches but other than that it’s just comms with his teammates
I was looking for the same thing, not much out there though. I think the Hurpdurp guy is amusing.

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