Worst thing each expansion brought to WoW?

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BC: The "Welcome to Shattrath" tour.
Wrath: Vehicle combat.
Cata: Spec-locking talent trees.
Mists: CRZ, removal of Flame Orb.
Warlords: Literally everything but the levelling experience.
Legion: A temporary, expansion-specific method of character progression.
BFA: Doubling down on the temporary, expansion-specific method of character progression.
Legion Removal of downvotes on the forums
Wod: Pruning
Legion: Pruning
BfA: Pruning/GCD
The Burning Crusade bringing Blood Elves is the number one thing I wish could be reverted.
11/11/2018 10:24 AMPosted by Sincubus
WoD- *gestures at everything*

Are you kidding? The new character models WoD brought are insane. Yeah, WoD sucked, but not everything about it was bad.
Cataclysm destroyed the Barrens. To me, that was the worst.

Burning Crusades bringing Blood Elves to the Horde would be a close second. No offense to the Blood Elves out there, but their should be no elves Horde-side.

Horde... Ugly and Proud!
Cata - broke the world...
wotlk - heroic raids.. should be one version and it should be hard
cata - crappy talent system
mop - pandas/monks
wod - alternate crap only played one day
legion - demon hunters and item forging (unless this was in wod id have no clue)
bfa - too much to name , azerite gear, rng, unfinished classes (or that is what they are calling it, after they get called out for classes sucking) to name a few
11/11/2018 10:12 AMPosted by Serika
i'll start.

WotLK- Death Knights.

Continue with your most hated feature an expansion brought to the game.

No not DKs, but LFD.
Classic - It's fanbase.
Have to second CRZ in current content.
TBC-Blood Elves
CATA-Didn't really play
MOP-The dumbing down of classes and talents
WOD-This came next right? I didn't play this. But Achievement locked flying
Legion-No clue
Burning crusade. Blood elves
11/11/2018 10:24 AMPosted by Sincubus
WoD- *gestures at everything*

Bu.. but.. new models
tBC - Draenei
Wrath - LFD and the lasting effects its had
Cata - removal of old zones
MoP - new talents
WoD - Start of the pruning for things like classes and professions, overall just a lot of bad design philosophies started here.
Legion - Hard to choose between Legendaries, TF, Demon Hunters and the start of the RNG dominance in the reward system
BfA - I'll wait until the game's out of it's beta to judge.
11/12/2018 08:41 AMPosted by Searik

BfA - I'll wait until the game's out of it's beta to judge.

BC - Arenas. For years class abilities were constantly changed for arenas with negative effects on PvE content. PvP should have remained as large-scale encounters.
Wrath - overuse of vehicle combat. Good in small doses but Blizzard often doesn't seem to understand small doses of a feature are better.
Cata - talent system which removed player agency, CRZ, questing on rails.
Mists - nothing, I liked Mists from beginning to end.
WoD - Pathfinder, Garrisons, class ability pruning.
Legion - Pathfinder, locking races behind a reputation grind rather than a quest storyline and starting area, single method to grind reputation.
BfA - Pathfinder, Azerite as an alternate progression system (this ties into class pruning done in order to institute an alternate progression system back in WoD/Legion — we should grind the content, not our characters), single method to grind reputation.
BC - Arena
Wrath - LFG
Cata - CRZ
MoP - titanforging
WoD - Garrisons/Missions
Legion - AP grinding
BfA - Azerite gear
WoTLK - Group finder
Cata - Tie between old word revamp, talent system changes, and LFR
MoP - CRZ, scenarios, warforging
WoD - Garrisons/mission tables
Legion - disposal of resilience PvP gear
BfA - Heart of Azeroth
Cata: Ruined Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor look permenantly.
WoD: Sunsong Ranch was popular because it was finally like players had a home. So blizzard kneejerks and gives us a fricking town with it's own industry.
Class pruning.
Legion: More class pruning.
BfA: Cringey fanfic level story writing. RNG added to the RNG's RNG for more RNG.

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