Worst thing each expansion brought to WoW?

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MoP: Where I started so I can't compare to past expacs.
WoD : New Dev Team. Pathfinder
Legion: Still same Dev team. Still Pathfinder. Too much RNG grind and classes dumbed down.
BfA: Don't own it, so can't comment other then the GCD is annoying to deal with. Pathfinder is STILL there which is why I don't own it. Also still same Dev team. Another reason why I wont buy it.
Cata: Dragonsoul, specifically, the forced RP from Green Jesus, oh god the RP.
MoP: CRZ when it still had a lot of it's bugs present.
WoD: Garrisons, lack of content,
Legion: What they did to Affliction is unforgivable (also the removal of Glyph of Nightmares)
BfA: Azerite Gear, lack of interesting content like the Class Halls and such; also Glyph of Nightmares is still missing, the changes they made to Affliction carried over to BfA.

Classic Wow: The absurd demands of a certain % of the fanbase. Of course, I never played back then, but this whole sharding issue shown their true colors. I mean, yes, ideally sharding should not be a thing, but if it helps reduce any of the potential server issues at launch, I'll be all for it as long as sharding is turned off when the server population stabilizes. But some of the fans of old WoW? NO! WE WANT SERVER LAG! WE WANT SERVER INSTABILITY! WE WANT THE GAME TO BE UNPLAYABLE AT START BECAUSE THAT'S HOW WOW WAS BACK THEN!

Like I said, ideally Sharding should not be a thing. Maybe Blizzard needs to implement something else that will actually gauge the public interest in Classic WoW to see if Sharding is needed or not for potential server issues?
BFA - Scaling. Because nothing is better than growing weaker.
The lose of the human factor,there is more calculations to this game than needed.
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You take it back!

DK is pretty cool, plus I'd have never played a Gnome otherwise. "Hmm, "death" knight, guess the pink pigtailed gnome is the only option."

Gnomes are the only acceptable DKs

Oh, good.
Oh that's an interesting topic.

Cata - holy power system for retribution spec, which only started working towards the end when tier sets added one more generator

MoP - gating of valor points items behind rep grind, and subsequent pruning of valor gear. Cata introduced the perfect system.

WoD - effectively pruning LFR with the removal of tier sets and nerfing of item levels. Granted, LFR has never been too much of prestigious content, but it still was a good progression path for casuals like me

Legion - removal of PvP gear. It was cool at first, but there was no goal left and there was no more of the power dynamic.

BFA - removal of all artifact perks earned in Legion.
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i'll start.

WotLK- Death Knights.

Continue with your most hated feature an expansion brought to the game.

I can't wait to flag you SO HARD.

The end of Cata brough CRZ. I hate that feature so much. Every thing else I can deal with.
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Don't forget the 30+ minute login queues on high pop servers haha.
Tbc- horde Paladins and alliance shamans
Wrath- playable death Knights
Cata- the death wing fight
Mop- Kung fu pandas
Wod- time travel and alternate universes
Legion- Artifact weapons and the AP grind
Bfa- the forced and ridiculous faction war escalation
Vanilla- no complaints (why if I hated vanilla I would not have continued).

TBC - catch-up mechanics, nerf to raids, attunements removal, making previous gear worthless from vanilla which took a long time to get.

WOTLK - gear starting to become trivialized slowly, catch-up mechanic increase, raids are easier, and again removal of last expansion accomplishments.

Now all expansions past this point went even further each time.
1. Trivializing what you did in game more and more.
2. Pamper the victims of whatever

I am playing BFA yet I don’t know how I scale in WPVP/wpve/arena/bg/rbg.
So an ilvl 300+ could be better than a 400. Then I don’t know how it scales and I have a sneaky blizzard dev saying trust me in the background.. yea ok explain this hit 10 to 12k st in a dungeon and hit 3 to 5k out. Now I put on dps items and guess what same god dam damage.

In BFA gear is more meaningless than legion but whatever.

Blizzard states as long as it is fair???
Fair in blizzard eyes.
1. Everyone is the same
2. Everyone has similar damage and mitigation.
3. Leveling is the same
Get the picture? If you believe in that, how is that fair?

1. Everyone is the same by classes and each start out the same. Players choice effects thier outcome.
2. They start the same but dmg/healing change during players choices of spec/build/gear/professions/buffs.
3. Everyone has same opportunities provided to them it is players choice to get or not to get.

The way new devs see things is unfair and unequal. Giving ilvl scaling or lvl scaling is trivializing somebody’s else time into the game. This system is born to fail soon.

Thinking of canceling again till classic.

I want to head to blizzard main office
But I have to much to do in RL to go there.
Nothing compares to BC.


Cata = LFR and CRZ

MoP = talent tree simplification

WoD = Removal of reforging (that was in WoD right?)

Legion = PvP templates, gear being normalized in PvP and "gearing up" largely meaningless

BFA = Slot machine
This is why we are getting new forums
Customers having the ability to tell you what's on their mind is so problematic isnt it?

They should just up and be grateful they can even log in!
BC: Flying
Everything else: Homogenizing every class. It was great to be a mage or tank and have that specific buff or specific mechanic that everyone desired.
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i'll start.

WotLK- Death Knights.

Continue with your most hated feature an expansion brought to the game.

Sorry, DK's were not half as bad as the "Jousting"
Skipped cata but
Wrath- cant think of any right now,
Cata-LFR? , removal of hybrid talent builds and revamping to simplified trees.
Mop-thunderforging and pandas and class pruning, caster immobility.
Wod -garrisons and the endless need for resources,
Legion- Mythic+, Titanforging
BFA- not sure where to start. Punched out after only playing 3 months.
- flying
- lfd or multiple raid difficulties
- lfr or guild levels
- warforge
- pruning
- titanforge
- too soon to say

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