Class Options Limited for Xpac Subsystems

Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes
Keep in mind I'm enjoying the expansion -- despite its flaws. It's the first expansion since Pandaria that I have given an honest chance at keeping my sub.

That said, while Blizzard has embraced the simpler talent system in an effort to streamline things over the years, I've seen debates about whether or not the new talent systems are streamlined and better. Some will agree that the old talent systems were clunky; they led to cookie cutter builds, ineffective specs, and awkward class identity. Despite that argument, balance has always been imperfect, even with these simpler classes, less choices for weapons, less points to spend, and less stats.

Even now, people are relatively upset with the B.F.A class balance, and it has been among the simplest ever, both in play and options.

Yet, is it that simple?

Since Warlords of Draenor, we've seen an influx of sub-systems in general (to make this an effective theme park MMO). The coaster doesn't stop at class design, though. Class customization has been moved toward the following, item-based sub-systems: Artifacts (deprecated) and Azerite armor.

I guess my primary concern is that, even with the old talents and designs being flawed, would it be bad decision to find a half-way point between the old systems (more weapon choices, larger trees) and the new trees?

I find it contradictory that classes were made simpler with less stats, less weapon options, and trees simplified (streamlined), only for class "features", "choice", and "power" to be baked into expansion-specific gear and upgrades that exist as sub-systems classes are dependent on anyway.

Mind you, I'm not even asking for trees to necessarily be "Crit Chance increased by 1% per 'x' points". I just wonder if there is a happier medium that can be reached, perhaps for the next expansion.

Summary and Questions

Class Flexibility and customization (including item stats) were seemingly sacrificed for balance and a streamlined experience, however, choices have been implemented back in via expansion-specific sub-systems like Artifacts and Azerite Gear. This isn't just for progression's sake as these features enhance the class in ways talent trees would have normally if they had more options.

Could/Should Blizzard focus less on these sub-systems and bake some of those creative and fun choices back into the class itself, rather than RNG and items that are lost at the end of an xpac?

Can they find a happy medium between old and current trees?

Are sub-systems as a whole becoming a problem?

I'm curious of the thoughts and feedback.

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