BM Hunter PVP Enchants???

I haven't played all that much since my HC days in Vanilla. Back into BFA, PvPing. But I need advice.

I cannot seem to get an accurate insight into what I should be using. Icy Veins says mastery, Noxxic is kind of confused it seems, and I am thinking I should have Haste on my rings and Quick Navigation on my bow.

Help? thank you!!!

Also, WTF is up with Pet Pathing? Seems worse than when I was in Vanilla.

Dilly put this up a couple months ago.
Oh wow, SUPER helpful. Thank you!
Most bm huntrrs arent running frozen ammo thats in dillys guide. Dillys awesome but not sure if he made the guide just before patching. Most bms are running weapon enchant incendiary ammo. The damage increase is substantial. Some bms running mastery, versatility, haste then crit...some are running haste, mastery, versatility, then crit...some even running haste, versatility, mastery, then crit...always crit last but the other 3 are pretty descently tradeable atm...seen high rated bms in all 3 set ups
I run haste > vers > crit > mast
11/13/2018 07:29 PMPosted by Hogx
I run haste > vers > crit > mast

Interesting. I see you're a heavy raider too, no?

Also, nice to see an old school hunter rocking the Rhok'!

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