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11/12/2018 12:28 PMPosted by Pandabolts
This is one of those things that the most die hard of purists will cry against endlessly.

And I think the only way to quell those shrieks are to prevent server transfers from being used regularly, OR to only allow them from low pop servers. Sort of like how migrations work today.

The big rallying cry around vanilla is 'community', and people can easily say "Well that hurts my community!" as if you're stuck with whoever you end up on a server with, and should never be allowed to leave (or reroll) on another server or something. "But if they leave, muh community!" they would cry.

It seems silly to me. Of course we should be able to transfer. Especially in an age where the average player who would be rejoining for nostalgia's sake would have many friends coming back who would spread all throughout the game, and transferring to play with them should be of the highest priority to maintain server levels.

Why would the "purists" cry about allowing something that existed in Vanilla?That's literally what the purists want. To have what was in Vanilla and nothing more. You're reaching for an opportunity to insult people that played Vanilla and your ignorance caused it to backfire horribly.
11/13/2018 09:35 AMPosted by Cybertilded
Free migrations off very over populated realms would be okay. If a person ninjas some crap and then walks away I am sure it will draw complaints.

Listen I'm not talking redistribute wealth here! I think it can and will support both sides of the spectrum. Over pop and Under pop...

Also, I see people getting realm sick when it comes to your idea. How would they be able to run home again?? This would create a nightmarish amounts of complaints for Blizzard.

Everyone pays! I'm willing to put in my buck o' five!
11/13/2018 09:38 AMPosted by Speedyfoof
Why would the "purists" cry about allowing something that existed in Vanilla?

Depending on which purist, there are some who quit toward the end of vanilla - or who played long enough after certain changes to see the negatives of them.

Personally, I see the availability of Paid Character Transfers (which weren't added until late in Vanilla) as one of the negatives that started destroying realm identity before CRZ hammered it into near oblivion. Hopping realms in late vanilla was used to do things like ruin the AQ experience for players who had rolled on newly released low population realms (enough that Blizzard changes some rules around that). Hopping realms in BC had horrible repercussions on guilds on lower population realms as anyone who wanted faster progression (and could afford it) bailed, and guilds wound up sniping those who were left.
11/12/2018 12:25 PMPosted by Moonblade
11/12/2018 12:20 PMPosted by Holyhotstuff
Will classic players get the opportunity to pay for a server change?

Frees up servers at launch, helps guilds, no change to content....bla bla bla

Blizzard makes lots of money!

Only a matter of time?

Ok, Im in!

server transfer existed in vanilla. in case you didnt know that. however, you had to petition one through the gm's and it had to be a pretty extreme/bad situation. and they would grant you one.

server transfers in the shop, do exactly the same thing but cut out the middle man.

Im pretty sure in either patch 1.11 or 1.12 you could just pay for a realm transfer but there was a 6 month cooldown on it so people couldn't abuse it by ninja looting, getting black listed, then just realm transferring every week
I think this conversation boils down to two key points!

How will it effect realms, and when will it be in place?

(On a long term time line, a dominate realm will rise!) with/out a realm X-fer!

Understanding that! A realm transfer is something Blizzard will shine light on at launch or wait, so people feel the stress of a forgotten realm and the commitment to their characters.

Which outcome has the best yeld?

I personally think Blizzard would do better with the upfront funding and have better community support with realm transfers in place at launch. Less tickets and monitoring, witch also results in time & moola!
transfers enable ninja looting, guild poaching, and AQ gate sniping

but as the person posting on a panda would suggest, i am just crying

feel free to ignore me, report me, and/or call the cops

what ever floats your boat
I went through several server changes in vanilla, the first two were by opt in, high pop realms were allowed to overflow onto lower pop realms.... usually to even out faction imbalances.

In the vanilla client if you were on a lower populated faction you get instant battleground queues but much less PVE advantage (world bosses, raiding oppurtunities etc)
11/13/2018 02:11 PMPosted by Sartura
transfers enable ninja looting, guild poaching, and AQ gate sniping

but as the person posting on a panda would suggest, i am just crying

feel free to ignore me, report me, and/or call the cops

what ever floats your boat

You don't sound like you're crying!

You just sound wrong!

Ninja looting happens with/out realm trasfers. Would you wanna be stuck on the same realm with someone that ninja'd you? Has classic loot system even been confirmed?(p.s I'm very sorry about your loss if you ever need to talk, i know a great victim advocate)

Guild poaching, umm ok! You say it like a bad thing. Go Red Sox! <-- Can you believe what those guys pulled off? Working under signed contracts! Good thing in WoW people just kinda do whatever they want, to have a "fun experience."

Which brings us to AQ gate sniping! HAHAHA!

I don't think your boat floats at all! I think your boat sank!

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