First complaint on the new forums

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will be?
"This looks different. I hate this!"
Something something font, something something color scheme.
"* elf thread #11256311: because the other one became read-only"
“I miss the good old days”
11/12/2018 01:49 PMPosted by Qpack
"This looks different. I hate this!"

It's going to be this exactly, same thing happened when HoTS made the jump to new forums, thread upon thread about it.
Nerf trust levels / earning trust levels takes too long
High elves something something.
A Horde favoritism thread.
sylvanas is EVIL amirite?
The Trust Levels Aren't Fair.
I would be amused if the first thread is "Complaint" with the poster editing in all of the above suggestions. Bonus for contradictory complaints.
11/12/2018 01:47 PMPosted by Redphantom
will be?

Why can’t I fly yet!!!!???!!
"These new forums suck" of course.
"Where's my post count!?"
I will probably christen the new forums by insulting the first Blood Elf that says something stupid which should take about 1 Planck second - I may roast a couple of transmogs (most likely on a Blood Elf) and then troll every thread that starts "You wake up next to . . . ". At some point I'll probably get banned and then I'll unsub and get on with my life. Or not, hard to say.
11/12/2018 02:05 PMPosted by Twonkie
which should take about 1 Planck second

Wow. I like to pretend a femtosecond is pretty fast. You're not messing around.
Hurpadurp horde bias, new forums have more red!
11/12/2018 01:55 PMPosted by Nøz
A Horde favoritism thread.

I like it. Lets make that happen.

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