Removal of Pandaria farm?

So there was alot of chatter about some upcoming removal of the farm nodes in pandaria. So we cant plant seeds etc because of something with old content vs new?

What more can I read on this, discussion was in game this is going to ruin alot of my work.
I don't see anything along those lines on wowhead or google. I suspect random rumors. Removing the farm would be a fairly significant change to the flow of Pandaria, not least of which would be the impact on reputations. I doubt they'd bother to change it at this point.
I'd wait until Blizzard has said something in patch notes.

There have been some posts in the profession forums with people saying that professions are going to be removed soon. Yet when asked for a source all you get is silence.

Also, the MoP farm is the only reasonable source for the vegetables used for MoP cooking recipes. The feasts in particular use a large number of vegetables so it would not be really reasonable to expect people to have to kill mobs just for vegetables.

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