Thread didn’t appear

Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes
Put effort into a thread.
Didn’t appear.
Is it stuck in the SPAM filter or lost in the ether?

Pls lock this once resolved.
What seems to happen is that past a certain amount of time, the text window you are typing in expires, even though you are given no indication this has happened. Whatever your next move, you will lose all your text.

After you finish typing an important post, copy the text. Then if it completely disappears, you can paste it right back in and resubmit it.
That’s a tricky one. Was a new thread typed from my phone.

Will rewrite it if required. See what the mods say.
The longer you work on a post to get it right, the more likely this will happen. Maybe it won't happen so quickly in the new forum software.
You'll eventually get in the habit of doing a quick (select all - copy) before hitting the post button. Blizzard forums are some of the worst on the internet for bugs like that. I swear it's on a 60 second page expire.

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