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11/15/2018 06:42 AMPosted by Vollà
What I remember most was piles of lvl 1 orcs dying in Orgrimmar to form gold farming websites...
Anyone else remember those?


They even figured out how to spell their website out with their bodies. For a short while they were suspended in the air too.

I do remember Jaina getting kited to Org I even participated in a group trying to do the kiting.

Pvp servers during holidays......where you do the bonfires. I have never seen an area piled high with so many skeletons, it was just hilarious!
I still remember back during the scourge invasion when the lowbie Tauren I was playing got stuck in the watering hole. It was pretty funny when I learned that npc zombies can’t swim.

I do kinda miss city invasions though, watching players work together to kill the pulled boss or using rp to create zombie quarantine zones always got a community feel to happen.

Reminds me of that time my old Cata guild pulled Shandris to Orgrimmar:
SWTOR has the rhatgoul plague every 5 or 6 weeks where the capital fleets (cities) pass it around endlessly. SWG had zombies one year on tatooine
I remember being in Stormwind one time. I was a really low level, I don't even remember the character, but what I do remember was the massacre.

I had just finished that starter wine quest and went into the bank to tuck my wine away safely for later use. The city was busy and hopping and people were just hanging out all over the place.

I heard the sounds first. The explosions, the spells, the fighting. I ducked my head out of the bank and saw people fighting and dying. A monster rampaged the city. I ran down the street, a terrified level 5 and ducked into a store.

Everyone in the shop was dead. Bodies littered the floor. The shop keepers lay still.

Then, silence.

I crept out into the street. I saw a single priest teleport away, and everyone and everything else was dead. Dead everywhere. Skeletons everywhere.

I walked the dead streets alone. The sole surviver. It was earie.
Wrath release event was literally us dropping plague bombs in the AH, it was the most fun I've had in a long time.

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