What's wrong with the gnome model?

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Why is it that of all the races, gnomes have some of the worst clipping?
Probably because they're so small. Stuff gets squished and has less room to be placed, for 3d stuff.
My only issue with gnomes is that their knees STILL clip their tabards/robes, even with the new models.

That, and female gnomes still have a "I'm gonna murder you" face 100% of the time.
Because Gnomes were an accident.
In my opinion gnomes have some of the most beautifully done models in the game. Same goes for male gnomes. I feel like the voice lines need improvement though. Female ones especially. On my goblin I am always using voice lines so liberally cause they are so good quality, but the female gnome voice lines are pretty lackluster right now.
I will say that it's annoying to look like an hors d'oeuvre, with the way my staff clips through my cape.

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