Blood in Arena

Death Knight
I've seen that some people are having more success playing Blood in arena. Can anyone elaborate on this for me?

What exactly is the goal of playing blood? What talent choices are made?

I'm assuming that it's meant for constant peeling and extra CC using the double grip and strangulate PvP talents and the 90% DND slow but I am not 100% sure.
Cc and debuffs. Arenas are small enough. With the right comp you could pin people in a corner i guess. Just thinking of what me and a buddy did to beat a war/dh comp. Mostly its for the better survival probably lol.

Sad part is its going to go critical cancer if blizz doesnt pull a fix out of their hat soon for unholy and frost for pvp survival.
petkick is blood atm, not sure if hes running it in twos tho
Goal in playing blood is to stay alive.. feels like it's the only spec where you aren't comparable to a clothie.
Though, with the increased damage tanks take in PvP now, it's not nearly as good as it was for Cata-WoD.
you stay alive because you dont deal any burst damage, adn then they kill your partner, and then maybe you kill them.

likewise they could just kill you.

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