Havoc DH or surv hunter?

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Thinking about to main a havoc or Surv hunter. i like them both so I am having hard Time trying to decide. Your opinion would be helpful.
Which class Is\has...

1) More engaging rotation?
2) better at pvp?
3) better at pve?
4) better mogs?
5) more mobile?
survival hunters...
because demon hunters are just posers of us real hunters.
if you rock shaman off set pieces for mog, which you should as a hunter, hunter is more fun.
Anyone else?
I have never played a DH, so I cant comment on that. All I can say is I have a hell of a lot of fun as SV in pve.
Dh is basically better in every way
DH is better in ever way possible. It's not even close unless you like pets.
DH is better pve
Hunter has more mogs
1) Survival
2) Don't know, but I'd imagine both are good.
3) Both good, Survival easier in open world pve with pet to tank.
4) I like the DH mogs more, and I prefer leather armor over mail. Hunter has more class specific options though.
5) DH
So if i hunt demons.
am i a demon hunter?

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