[H] Transfer for casual raiding/mythics?

Hi nice to meet y'all, I'm currently on Zul'jin and during the evenings for my time zone (GMT+7), that server is pretty much dead.

I noticed Barthilas has the biggest Horde pop by far of any Oceanic realm, are there any guilds here with casual raiding/mythic activity going on most evenings that would be interested in taking in a 340 pally? Probably not going to commit to a schedule for anything at this point but it would be nice to have a social environment and can help out here and there. I ran a raiding guild from vanilla through WotLK so not an idiot, but took a break from Cata through MoP and play much more casually these days due to work and life obligations.
Hi Doncowleone,

We could be a good fit for you - we're a GMT+8 guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand raiding Mon/Wed 8.30pm-11pm and currently looking for players to bolster our ranks.


Check us out and hit me up for a chat look forward to talking to you


We're a new guild on Barthilas started by a bunch of friends and heroic raiders. We run lots of mythic plus and are also keen to get our raid team up and running. We're very active, run lots of M+ and plan to raid 8-11 ST Weds/thurs.

Bnet Owleriffic#1951 let me know if youre interested

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