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Formed at the start of BFA <Neoteric Nomads> is a small group of mature players that are looking to add more to their roster. The guild was originally formed by a team of players who have been together for the last few years.

Our 2 day a week raid team is currently 8/8N and 4/8H, with the intention of clearing heroic for AotC. Once we have completed this goal we will also look at pushing into Mythic, if time and numbers allow before the next raid tier.

Wednesday - 7-9:30ST
Thursday - 7-9:30ST

We are currently seeking the following for our raid team:
Tanks - None
Melee DPS - None
Ranged DPS - None
Healers - 1x Druid, Holy Priest or Shaman.

If you are interested in joining us, and fill a role outside of our current recruitment please get in contact with us as we may be able to include you.

Additionally we always have space for social and casual players in our guild, we have a a variety of people who like to enjoy WoW on a slight more casual basis with many of our members enjoying world content, mythic+ and PvP. We are always actively recruiting members to join our community.

Contact myself (Amellyne#1906) or Tesla (Shlee#1903) if you would like to join us, or chat further about the above post.
Yay for Progression! Killed Zek on Heroic and Taloc the loot pinata on mythic this week. So now 5/8H and 1/8M
Still looking for more members to join our ranks.

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